’30 Rock’ Peacock Reincarnation

Last night’s episode of ’30 Rock’ has me howling for more!

Alec Baldwin‘s character Jack recently lost his mentor, NBC President Don Geiss. An attorney notifies Jack that Geiss bequeathed a pet peacock named Argus to him — in his will. (Watch the clip!)

What ensues is sheer hilarity. The peacock, perched in Jack’s cushy NBC office, raises its wings and a feather flies into Tina Fey‘s character’s mouth.

Jack says, “He’s chosen you as his mate.”  Many scenes later, cut to Jack drinking a glass of scotch, believing that Don Geiss’ spirit lives in the peacock. Argus is simply a means to an end.

Jack unleashes his grief and a pent up goodbye to his mentor and friend, as the little fellow sips scotch from a pint-sized serving bowl.  Despite the outrageous notion that a peacock can be a reincarnated soul of man, it helps Jack work out his feelings.

We here at CP have many opinions on the matter of animal soulmates, reincarnation, and pet heaven!

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