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Looking for that special someone or, if you’re a man, do you simply want to meet more women? Over the past ten years, online dating has become a safe, reliable, and inexpensive alternative to the nightclub scene. But if you’ve visited any dating sites, you know that the ratio of men to women is worse than at the average Super Bowl party.

That said, it’s difficult for many guys to attract the attention of quality single women – especially when they make (avoidable) mistakes while writing their online profiles. Here are some suggestions on how to compose a profile that will help you stand out.

Don’t hide
Lots of guys think it’s cute to use an obviously false name or no name at all in their profile. Instead, they type in something like “Ask me and I might tell.” Guys like this seem to think that by acting coy, they’ll invite women to contact them. Instead, they look like they’re either married and trying to cheat or just not serious in the first place. While you don’t have to list personal information like your street address, Social Security number, or the contents of your medicine cabinet, you should be open about who you are! If, for some reason, you can’t be open, then online dating might not be right for you.

Don’t lie
Fill in your height, weight, age and other stats correctly and update them as needed. There are few events more embarrassing, or more a waste of time, than meeting a woman who expects that you’re 30 with an athletic build when you actually look like Karl Rove. Being caught in a lie does not help to build the foundation of a successful relationship. If anything, it levels your chances before things even get started.

Know what to emphasize. Would you rather go to a sporting event than the theater? Would you rather work on your car than go for a romantic stroll? Would you rather go bass fishing than spend a passionate weekend in bed? Sure. You’re not alone. But you shouldn’t be overly proud of that stuff in your online dating profile. Don’t lie by posting ideas that you only think will impress women – like you enjoy long walks on the beach or candlelit dinners (if you don’t). But focus more on interests that you can share with a mate rather than on interests that might turn her off. Don’t leave out anything that’s really important, just know what to highlight!

Lots of guys claim to be funny but have profiles that sound like annual stockholders reports. If you claim to be funny, write something funny in your profile. Likewise, if you say that you’re shy, intelligent or philosophical, have your description back up your claims. Your text should reflect your personality.

Too picky
Don’t list off traits or characteristics that you don’t find attractive. Suggesting that you don’t want to meet with a woman whose anything shy of a perfect ten will simply make you look shallow. You won’t just turn off these women, you’ll turn off your dream women as well.

Too sexual
Many guys write profiles that sound like classified ads seeking prostitutes. There’s a big difference between sounding romantic and sounding like you’re looking for a one night stand. Don’t make overly erotic suggestions or author a short story based on your male fantasies. Save all that for after the third date… or at least until she brings it up first!

Too pushy
Don’t demand photos before someone contacts you. Don’t post your phone number and ask that women call you instead of writing to you. Definitely don’t suggest that you’re looking for a quick date rather than several, getting-to-know-you dates. Many men are used to being the boss in previous relationships. But as women are in the minority on most websites, they’re usually able to decide when it’s best to move the relationship along. If you’re pushy at the beginning, you’ll likely scare women away faster than a bad hairstylist.

Check yourself
Good spelling and grammar won’t turn anyone off. But writing sloppy text can easily entice a woman to move on. While in many online venues a lack of capital letters and word abbreviations are completely acceptable, your profile text should be written in a word program, spell-checked and then reviewed for glaring errors (at least). If you don’t put effort into writing correctly, some women will assume that you’re not very bright, not very serious, or just plain lazy.

Attracting women with your online profile takes a little time and skill. Men who don’t put some effort into it are usually disappointed by poor results. They often blame these results on the website, the idea that many of the women aren’t sincere, or even bad luck. But let’s be real here, if you write an honest and complete profile, you’ll find that the effort often leads to some serious opportunities – and one that may just last a lifetime!

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