Your Moon Forecast for January 2013

Your Lunar Forecast: Spontaneous Combustion!

January 26 brings the first Full Moon of the year in spotlight-stealing Leo. Combined with the Sun in Aquarius, there’s never been a better, more opportune time to express yourself as authentically as possible. Individuality triumphs over conformity. Freedom is the order of the day.

What does that mean for you? Here’s your lunar forecast for January:


As a Fire Sign yourself, you feel this month’s emotional air full on. And good thing too, it’s your chance to shine. Just be careful not to bowl anyone over in the process. Your career takes a turn for the positive after the 30th.


You find yourself feeling especially productive early in the month, leading up to the New Moon on the 11th. Plan carefully and you’ll put yourself on course for success. Cozy up with someone special for the New Moon and unleash your sensual delights!


You find yourself particularly creative at this time. While not commonly thought of as an artist, this month’s lunar vibrations open up your experimental side. Try not to get too ahead of yourself around the New Moon. Ambitions are good; overdrive is impossible! Need some help focusing your energy? Talk with Psychic Joyce ext. 9598 to get a detailed career forecast.


On the heels of the upheaval that has dominated your life recently, you stand to benefit greatly from the Capricorn New Moon on the 11th. Set your course carefully and follow it. A completely new way of life awaits. Don’t veer away from who you are. Instead, use the Full Moon to relinquish old habits that are no longer useful. Want to know what lies ahead for you in your path? Then give Psychic Anasela ext. 5154 a call!


The month may be difficult, but brings with it—with the Full Moon—a chance to shed your skin and start over. You can be the person you so dream of being, if you build you from the inside out. Dig deeper, don’t reach further. The answers are within you!


You feel like things have improved significantly over the last few months as a situation starts to take shape around you. Stay on task through the Full Moon when any inconsistencies show themselves, allowing you to set whatever doesn’t work for you alight and bid it goodbye once and for all.


Your usually fickle self may find solace in Capricorn’s grounded energy around the time of this uber-productive New Moon. If it doesn’t happen naturally, it will by placing your intentions. All success requires at this time is your follow through.


Don’t be too hard on yourself, stinger—or on other people. While things have been trying of late, you have it in yourself to control as much as possible… but only that much. Look for the Full Moon’s transformative nature to fire up the plans you make early in the month. Until then, take care of you.


While the early part of the month may feel like a drag (all this organization… blech!), you find your passions reignited by the Full Moon as anything that’s been holding you back finally falls away. Enjoy it—just don’t roam so free you’re loathe to return!


You are working within your element this month, goat, and anything is possible. Highlight your strengths—without getting haughty—and the Moon works in your favor all the way, from early month’s assessing and organizing through the Full Moon’s relinquishing of false faces and fresh starts.


The Sun and Moon combine this month to bring you a perfect storm of opportunity. Your unique nature is prized—and not to be reckoned with. Focus on using it for good and all will benefit.


You may hate the monotony of following detailed instructions, artsy fishes, but you’ve got no choice early this month. However, it benefits you to go with it. Don’t get swept up in the moment at the Full Moon. Keep your glasses on so you can see things clearly through the passionate flames!

“Astrology can act as a guide in a very effective and quick way. It keeps you in the day to day of what energies work for the highest good.” – Psychic Quinn ext. 5484

6 thoughts on “Your Moon Forecast for January 2013

  1. Yvette

    Wishing Happy New Year to all of you out there. May this year be fill with joy,love and laughter. Happyness is a state of mind, find joy in helping others. Learn to be greatful and thankfull for everything even the things you cannot understand. Everyone who reads this and believes inspite of their doubts will experience true joy.

  2. Randy

    I love that fore cast for the old sag I would love to go to the moon and ride one of the old lunar rovers I watched as a child. I thank watching that live when I was a kid wa so inspiring my dad let us watch that as long as we could, never told us to go to bed the next day would wak up in the floor. Nothing is really out of reach if you really put your heart into it.

  3. Trish

    This block says, “Leave a comment” so, that’s what I’m doing. I don’t really beleive in horoscopes, but, they are fun to read soemtimes. I have grown daughters, I’m a widow, have been for over 20 years, not because, I look like a mud fence, but, because, I’ve prefered it this way. Now, we start a brand new year, hopefully, finding new friends, who like to go to the theater, nice restaurants, and go to a good movie, occasionally, or, just sit around and talk, for the most part. Oh, I am a Catholic, and try to make it to Church, as often as I can. I do love my faith, so, I don’t expect anyone, to try to change me, or my Catholicism. By the way, I am not wealthy, but, can hold my own, financially. I am retired from state service, not happy being retired, but, at this point, what can one do about it? Grin, and bare it, I suppose. I wish you all a very Happy, and Blessed New Year. Trish.

  4. Htun Lynn

    Dear Smith,

    Happy New Year to you as well as for me!
    Thanks to your Moon Forecast for me! Greatly welcome !
    Hope everything will be coming to me lately & fine enough for my road ahead.

    With warmest wishes,


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