Your Crown Chakra

The seventh chakra, which is situated at the crown of your head, is the energy center associated with divine purpose and destiny — the seat of higher wisdom, if you will. When in alignment, your exterior and interior life is in harmony; you are no longer separated from the object of your perception. In essence, you are at one with the universe and totally aware of your true self.

The seventh chakra is where body and spirit fuse. This center, which is depicted as a lotus flower within a lotus flower and is violet in color, is connected to your skin and your skeletal, muscular and nervous systems. This chakra also governs the pituitary and pineal glands.

When this chakra is unbalanced or blocked, chances are you’ll feel a little off, and cut off from the divine. Rather than feeling as one, you feel like many little pieces scattered all over the floor. Disruption in your seventh chakra can also prevent you from gaining closure on unfinished business. Most of all — lack of flow leads to a feeling of fear and an inability to live in the present. People with blocked seventh chakra energy seem to always be either revisiting their past or looking ahead to the future.

Here are a few ways to clear and align this chakra:

The Importance of Being Grounded
We ground ourselves to bring our being into center. It’s a way to ensure that you are in the present here and now. In order to ground yourself, sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor. Visualize a grounding cord extending from your root chakra (the base of your spine) down into the earth. Your grounding cord can look like anything you want. For instance, I imagine a strong vine with leaves burrowing deep into the center of the planet. I then see a clamp at the end of it that wraps around a rock to secure me. Once you have your grounding cord, imagine drawing amber-colored light energy up your legs and into the root chakra. The energy then circulates back down into the earth. Remember to thank Mother Earth. This can be done whenever you feel all over the place. It is important to ground before you let powerful energy into your crown.

Bring in the Light
Visualize the warm gold-white light of the universe coming into your crown chakra and flowing down your neck and down the chakras along your spine. The warm golden light then blends in with some of the amber-colored earth energy. You can then bring it up the front side of your body, up the chakras and out of the top of your crown. Imagine the golden light flowing out and showering you and your aura. This clears your chakra and gets the energy flowing.

Sing and Chant
The sound of “Aum” is associated with the crown chakra. Chanting Aum is a good way to clear negativity. Try it in the shower while focusing on opening your crown chakra. Another great way to clear your chakra is through music.

Play some tunes or sing the scale, “do, re, mi”…while visualizing the gold-white light coming through your crown chakra, says Reverend Carre Carter, a clairvoyant who has been aware of her abilities since the age of five.

Cleanse Your Thoughts
Negative thoughts and emotions and/or self-defeating behaviors and subconscious messages impair our chakra function, says Dr. Georgianna Donadio, Founder and Director of the National Institute of Whole Health, an organization that embodies a natural outlook on healing while integrating the most current medical research with the wisdom of various spiritual teachings.

“Thoughts are things — they are in fact, protein molecules called polypeptides that communicate with all the cells of the body. That is why what we think we become. So, if you would want to clear your chakra system start from the top down — start with your thoughts and then bring every other aspect of your life into balance,” adds Donadio.

Balance is the Key
All seven of the chakras work in coordination with one another. It is only when they are balanced and doing their job together harmoniously that we find ourselves in a state of health. A balanced lifestyle, with moderation as the underlying principal in what we do, think, feel, eat, express (and so forth) is vital. Any excess activity, thoughts, feelings or behaviors causes one chakra to respond excessively and others to be suppressed, explains Donadio.

As we bring more balance into our lives, we also bring more balance to our chakras.

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One thought on “Your Crown Chakra

  1. Barbara


    This morning (7/29) I felt my crown chakra opening. I saw in the dream the light come through the top of my head and spread through my whole body. I was stretch out and the light spread through every inch of my body. Then I felt this strong vibration, that I got into the fetus position, because the vibration was so strong that when I scream out, I could not hear my own screams, within a few seconds I hear my scream, but I stop and I was so relax. I saw myself sleeping. First let me say this, I was out of my body, but I felt every vibration. I was actually watching myself. How is that possible? My body went through three phrase. The intense light opening my crown chakra, My stretch straight out to receive the light through my entire body, the vibration so strong it scared me to cry out and finally relaxation and sleep. It that’s how it suppose to be. You know what’s scary, I knew it was coming, I knew it was going to be intense. I just did not know when. Well I got the answer to that. Please advise. P.S. Now I am a little afraid to meditate.


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