Your Chakras and Happiness

Having your chakras in line may be the best path to your overall health and happiness. And you know what? It’s easy and fun to tap into your well-being through your chakras. So what are they and how do they work?

Leslie Porter, a popular Santa Monica-based yoga and meditation healer, who teaches Chakra workshops, explains that the seven main chakras are energy wheels in the body that work best when they are cleansed, opened and balanced. “Too much or too little energy in one chakra can be the cause for disruption or frustrations in everyday life.”

Think of it this way: chakras as small computer drives (or energetic software systems) where your store deep emotional stuff. If you keep them clean and working at maximum capacity, you have a good chance of remaining cenetered and happy overall. Porter recommends combining yoga, meditation, journaling and art for the best results.

Want to know more? Here is a simple primer to your chakras:

Root Chakra (aka Muladhara)
Color: Red
Element: Earth.

Located at the base of the spine (tailbone), this chakra helps you root down in reality, says Porter. “It gives us a sense of identity and stability. When it’s in balance you are in your body, you’re present and mindful.” Rooting down also gives you more flexibility, especially in yoga. Your root also effects all the other energy points, so if it’s out of whack, then all of you is affected.

If there is an imbalance or blockage in this chakra, you’ll have a hard time connecting to reality and making decisions. Think space case. To balance your root, Porter suggests opening to your breath as well as restorative yoga and meditation. Dancing is a good activity to become more grounded. In the summer, try it barefoot!

Second Chakra (aka Svadhishthana, meaning sweetness)
Color: Orange
Element: Water

Located in your abdomen area near your genitals and womb, this chakra is associated with receptivity, nurturing, creativity and sexuality. When your second chakra is unbalanced it’s hard to feel pleasure and sex is challenging. “Basically you’re cut off from your emotions. It’s hard to trust and to receive,” says Porter. Deep psychological and spiritual work is in order along with some deep soul-searching. Porter suggests breathing techniques such as the breath of fire (in Kundalini yoga) or a cleansing and energizing breath powered by abdominal contractions.

Third Chakra (Manipura, meaning lustrous gem)
Color: Yellow
Element: Fire

This energy wheel is located between your navel and solar plexus. “This is where we develop a healthy sense of ego and personal identity,” says Porter. When your third chakra is balanced you are able to set boundaries, stand up for your self and take action. When it’s unbalanced you don’t have a clear sense of self. You’re mired in indecision and you aren’t able to bring things into fruition. You also let people walk all over you like a welcome mat. Porter suggests certain postures such as supported bridge, abdominal toning and warrior poses to move “will and purpose” and to build chi.

Heart Chakra (Anahata, meaning unstuck)
Color: Green
Element: Air

Ah, the heart, it is the antidote to so many things. This energy center, which is situated in the center of your chest, represents your ability to love and show compassion to yourself and to others. When balanced you are able to be honest. You can admit your own flaws and shortcomings with softness. “This is not a kumbayah kind of love but a deep sincere responsible unconditional love,” says Porter. “What I mean by that is, let’s say someone is crying, you don’t tell them to come on get over it, just be happy! You say, okay you’re crying, what can I do? Your ability to deal with your own emotions (the good, the bad and the ugly) allows you to easily understand another’s.” This is the chakra which bridges the three lower chakras to the upper ones.

Some signs that the heart chakra is overpowering your life can include co-dependency, possessiveness, jealousy, heart disease and high blood pressure. For these symptoms, forward bends are the best antidote, because they are grounding and foster introspection. While people with deficient heart chakras need to open up to receive love more fully, those with excessive heart chakras find healing by slowing down – to discover the nourishment they have been seeking from others inside themselves.

Fifth Chakra (Vissudha, meaning purification)
Color: Cerulean
Element: Ether/Sound

This chakra is located in your throat and neck area. It’s all about communication and speaking your truth. It links the mind with the body and allows you to be centered, artistic and live in the present. If you don’t let your voice be heard you can run into a host of problems from neck pains to thyroid issues. Too much energy here and you’ll be arrogant, talk too much and be self-righteous. Too little energy and you’ll be timid, unreliable, weak and manipulative.

Moving with sound, letting sound move the body and releasing through sound are all excellent ways to get energy to flow through this area. Chanting “om” and sighing is also beneficial. As for yoga poses, Porter suggests shoulder stance, plow and neck stretches.

Sixth Chakra (Ajna)
Color: Indigo Blue
Element: Light

This is the center of internal seeing – the all-knowing Third Eye located between your brows. It is the center of psychic powers and higher intuition. Here is where you receive guidance and tune into your higher self. “When this chakra is working optimally, you trust your instincts, follow your intuition and are not attached to material things,” adds Porter.

When this chakra is deficient of energy, you are non-assertive, oversensitive to the feelings of others an unable to distinguish between your ego and higher self. Visualizations and imagining energy moving are good ways to stimulate this chakra. Recommended poses include bridge pose, seated straight leg and shoulder stand.

Seventh Chakra (Sahasrara)
Color: White or Violet
Element: Consciousness

This chakra, which is situated at the crown of your head, is the energy center associated with divine purpose and destiny – the seat of higher wisdom. When in alignment, your exterior and interior life is in harmony – you are no longer separated from the object of your perception. In essence, you are at one with the universe and totally aware of your true self. The issues of this energy wheel are devotion, inspiration, selflessness and spiritual understanding.

This is where body and spirit fuse. When this chakra is unbalanced or blocked, chances are you’ll feel a little off, and cut off from the divine. Rather than feeling as one, you feel like many little pieces scattered all over the floor. To balance this chakra, cultivate an awareness of the body, awareness of awareness and a releasing of attachment. An affirmation associated with this chakra is: “May I have a clear and open connection with source energy (spirit), and live in the present moment.” Beneficial poses include head stand, mountain pose and tree.

Overall, yoga, which unites body, mind and spirit, is an excellent way to keep the energy flowing and the chakras in check. Another way is through sound. Porter suggestes the CD Eternal Om. In it, a master by the name of Yogi Hari leads three powerful meditations that create a soft, peaceful inner space for the mind to rest. The meditations will “re-harmonize your whole being from the most subtle to the most tangible level by directly working on the chakra system.”

So enjoy keeping your important energy centers balanced and alive. And at the end of the day, find your bliss!

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