Wild Is the Wind: Learning to Bend Instead of Break

“The wind does not break a tree that can bend.”

– Sukuma Proverb

Getting buffeted by the winds of circumstance is something we all experience. Times, as always, are uncertain. And all the wishing in the world can’t un-shuffle a deck of cards.

Globally, it’s a time of massive change. But change, even when it’s good, is not always – or even often – easy. And when change is decidedly for the worse, of course it’s even harder. When most of us are faced with change we want to run in the other direction, especially if it’s change that was not initiated by us. So instead we cling to the bits of normalcy that are still available.
But in clinging we become rigid. And rigid trees break in the wind.

So take a lesson from the trees; stand tall, but don’t be afraid to bend. New circumstances in your life may call for new approaches, more education, a release of old beliefs. But in uncertain times, just remember that bending is preferable to breaking.

Ways to become more flexible:

• Do yoga! (Flexible. Yoga. Ha! ). In times of change, your health may become less reliable, unless you take extra good care of your body. Times of change are generally times of stress for most of us. And stress wears at the immune system. Relaxation and exercise are both proven to decrease stress, and yoga offers both!

• Evaluate your thoughts as they arise; “I can’t…” can be changed to “I will…”

• Give yourself props for your successful shifts. Even small moments of acceptance or positive movement calls for big amounts of recognition. The more you move into ease and grace with the changes, the more graceful and easy change becomes.

• Enroll support from trusted allies. No tree stands alone; it relies on its environment for nourishment and support. So can you.

Bending means moving with the wind, instead of bracing against it. So, let the change tousle you about. Sooner or later, it is sure to become a gentle dance.

Lasara Firefox Allen, MPNLP, is a best-selling author, educator, activist, and coach. Wife to her True Love, and mother to two amazing young women, Lasara believes in living the life you want to create. Lasara is available for coaching and spiritual guidance.

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2 thoughts on “Wild Is the Wind: Learning to Bend Instead of Break

  1. Jacqueline

    Hi Lasara,
    Fabulous article, I have seen too often through-out the years, it is wise to prepare for a certain outcome but don’t become too bound to it, change is always occurring, when we make a plan leave room for change, one thing you can always count on is change…….. just flow with it, know that there is a higher source that knows more than we do, also the surprises that appear along the way are usually far better than what we could have ever planned.

    Blessing and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Thankfully , I was raised by people old enough to have lived thru the Great Depression and as such, taught me how to ” roll with the punches”.

    The ability to flex and change and adapt quickly, as individuals and as a society, will become ever more crucial, during the next 10 to 15 years.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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