Why Meditation Works

Meditation Works

Make Meditation a Part of Your Daily Routine

Besides all of the exciting hype about the health benefits of meditation, including: stress reduction, slowing down the process of aging (Who doesn’t love that?), lowering blood pressure, improving sleep, lowering cholesterol levels, strengthening your immune system, more efficient oxygen use by the body, and recovering from illness, meditation helps alleviate depression, anxiety, anger issues and promotes a more positive outlook on life. Meditation helps you focus on the present, the here and now, rather than worry incessantly about the past or future. People flood to meditation to escape painful or fearful thoughts that keep entering their mind. It grounds and centers you. Simply put, meditation makes you a more emotionally stable person with an overall happier attitude.

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Spiritual Benefits

Spiritually speaking, meditation helps one connect to the spiritual world, improving communication with your spirit guides, angels and even those who have crossed over. It helps you discover your purpose. It increases self-actualization and compassion. It helps you develop a deeper understanding of yourself and others. It brings body, mind, and spirit into harmony. You will develop an increased acceptance of yourself, and it helps you learn to forgive others.

Profound Visions and Messages

Meditation makes you attain enlightenment and helps you create a close relationship with your Higher Being. Many have received profound visions and messages from spirit during their meditations. I know that I have received many messages from my guides not only for myself but for many of my callers during deep meditation.

Self-Awareness and Self-Control

For thousands of years, people have used meditation for clarity, self-control, self-awareness and expanded consciousness. Meditation helps increase intuitive powers and the ability to concentrate. It helps increase creativity and helps bring about true personal transformation. The purpose of your meditation depends on you, the meditator, but regular meditation will benefit you on all levels, body, mind and spirit.

A Door Into the Unknown

Meditation is a door into the unknown. When you start to meditate you will realize how your mind is unsettled, uneasy and even a bit chaotic. This is quite common. Don’t stop meditating because you feel like it is too overwhelming. This should be more reason for you to want to meditate to calm your mind and to find balance in your life.  Practice does make perfect. It will get easier and more beneficial with practice and time.

Famous People Meditate

There is a reason why so many famous people meditate, and meditate often. Would all of these successful individuals be as successful and admirable if meditation wasn’t a part of their life? Most certainly, many, if not all would take a stance that it plays a major role in their overall balance of life.

Learning to Meditate

There are many ways to learn meditation and there are many who feel their way is better than others. However, the key is what works best for you. There are a few keys points to a successful mediation that most would agree upon: Find your special place to meditate without distraction and make it yours. If you are a beginner, start with a 10-minute mediation and work your way up to 30 minutes and then an hour if you can. When unpleasant thoughts enter your mind, politely ask them to leave. When emotions arise, honor your emotions but then let them go. Some prefer silence for their meditations while others prefer meditation music or a guided meditation. Others prefer a mantra or a chant while meditating. Explore, be creative, try different meditation styles. Whatever your preference, making meditation part of your daily routine will not only benefit your well-being, it will become a favorite time of your day.


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  1. Renee LotusofLight

    Aliza Bear! I loved your article! I am going to send this link to “S”. lol I have been explaining to her that she is an empath, too! No response, yet (i am sure she is wondering – HOW DOES SHE KNOW– all nervous and scared?)! LOL (are you cracking up?) haha Thanks for always being there, I love your blog articles. I’ll update you soon and make sure I am doing my meditations regularly, as they help my sanity. Also I highly suggest binaural beats or frequency. Love to you, my dear friend and #1 advisor! Thanks for assisting me since day 1! Renee xoxo LotusofLight

  2. Teacup Yellow

    Gorgeous Aliza, thank you for this article. I came across it right after finishing a guided meditation by Headspace. Sending you love and light every day. Xoxo -Teacup Yellow 😉


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