This Week in Mantras: August 26 – September 1

The Power of Mantras

Psychic Denisha covers destruction, temptation, sacrifice, and more in This Week in Mantras. Are you ready to use these powerful mantras every day?

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August 26 (Sacrifice): There is an old saying that goes, “In order to receive something I want, I must make a sacrifice.”

The fact that you need to make sacrifices is true, but the reward you get will be worth what you gave up. Keep looking forward and thinking about your rewards that will come in time. It’s just like work; you put in your time and the check you get is the reward. You will find the rewards you want. It will be worth the effort, it really will. The Divine will make sure you get what you deserve.

August 27 (Transformation):By embracing the ebb and flow of life, the change will take me where I need to be.”

Transformation happens every year, in the spring and also in the winter. It is a part of all life, including yours. You can move forward into your own transformation without fear. The changes that you are being asked to make right now will make life better and more rewarding. You just have to let go and flow with them. Life will certainly surprise you when you just go with the transformation.

August 28 (Patience):I will practice patience in the here and now and it will bring about the full integration of my dreams into my life.”

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Now you need to be able to work with both halves of yourself. By being gentle and patient with yourself, you will find others give you the same energy. Yes, being patient with yourself brings out patience in others, but that is because you are being patient with them also. Working with patience, gentleness, and love of yourself rewards others who know and love you too.

August 29 (Temptation):I will be strong enough to resist temptation and that will keep me on my path to bliss and blessings.”

When there is a temptation, use an affirmation or prayer to stay strong and resist it. When you are able to remain strong you remain on the path of your intentions. Keep looking at your dream board and know that the temptation can change the outcome. See temptation as a test to see if you really want what you set your intentions for. When you passed the test of the temptation, then your dream will be closer to you. Don’t take shortcuts when reaching for your dreams either. Those are also temptations that change your outcome.

August 30 (Disruption):I will walk away from any situation that disrupts my bliss.”

Disruptions are the drama that others are trying to push off on you. Walk away with your head held high. By walking away from anything that blocks your path to true joy and bliss, you remain true to yourself. Instead, keep your eyes on the dreams that you are working to manifest. Don’t let any disruption change your field of view or take you from your path.

August 31 (Hope):Hope feeds the dreams that I am working to manifest and it feeds my soul.”

Hope is something that comes from the Greek story of Pandora. She held onto the Divine gift of hope. Hope gives you wings to fly away from doubts. Hope gives you the strength to move mountains, and hope gives you a light to guide your life by. Also, hope can bring a smile to any face. Hope can feed your dreams, desires, and soul. Therefore, you need to hold onto it with both hands, knowing it is your Divine right to have.

September 1 (Shadow):I rise from the shadows of my life to the heights of heaven filled with light.”

When you are feeling down, it’s like being surrounded by shadows. But know that the Universe is there to support you, and so you will be able to move towards the light. The Universe is here to help you. Focus on what you want; this is where the light of your life is going to lead you. By focusing on the light, the shadows will fade to where they are at their smallest and go unnoticed by you.

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