Warm Colored Gemstone Harmonies

This post coincides with the series I’m doing on gemstones.
As an artist, I am very aware of the vibrational energies of color. Color has such a profound influence that gemstones of one family can have very different vibrational qualities based purely on color.

Let’s explore the different warm colors of gemstones and how you can utilize color to reap more benefits.

Yellow promotes communication. By way of example, place a piece of yellow quartz on your desk and watch what happens. You’ll notice people will begin to stop by to chat and start sharing their feelings with you (only try this if attracting more people to your workspace is what you want!). Other stones that
help to stimulate conversation are Topaz, Citrine, and Yellow Zircon. These stones also promote positive attitudes (and who doesn’t love that?). If you’re feeling shy, carry Yellow Amber with you which will help overcome these introverted feelings and allows you to be able to communicate with confidence.

Pink has wonderful nurturing and soothing energies. Gemstones such as Rose Quartz are well known for their healing and enhancing energies. Rhodochrosite and Rhodonite also encourage self-esteem. Pink Pearl and Pink Coral will act as conduits of loving energies and attitude.

Red in whatever form emanates a very powerful presence. Jaspers are great for promoting physical energy and strength. Red Agates and Amber are useful in reducing weakness and shyness. Because red is the color of blood, it implies ‘life’. Along this line, Red Coral can aid in healing respiratory infections. Carry a Red Coral during flu season and you might notice you’re the only one not getting sick.

Orange is great for encouraging motivation to reach goals, increases focus, and attaining direction. Carnelians can be put to good use as aids in helping with exercise programs, as well as for balancing
body energies. Use a Carnelian or Brazilian Agate when you’re feeling a bit under stimulated. Soon you’ll find yourself feeling cheery and ready for anything!

Next we’ll be looking at the cooler colored gemstones and their properties.

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