Trust Your Instincts

How to Tell the Difference Between Intellect and Intuition

Sometimes, we get so out of touch with ourselves that the only voices we hear are critical. You’ll never do this. You don’t deserve that. No one will ever love you. As bad as these voices alone may seem, things only get worse when we mistake them for our gut feelings. After all, we’re supposed to trust our instincts, right? The catch is, many of us have two of these voices in our heads – the one we’re born with and the one who has come to exist as a result of our experiences. The trick is learning to tell them apart. Your inner voice will never tell you what you can’t do or what you don’t deserve. That, my friends is your inner editor. And believe it or not, there is a difference.

The Power of Suggestion

Conditioning is a powerful thing. Whether it’s that you’re stupid or worthless, brilliant or beautiful, hear something often enough and odds are, you’ll believe it. This has nothing to do with objective facts and everything to do with the power of suggestion. Get your heart broken enough times and you begin to feel you deserve disappointment. Get your way often enough and you start to think success is inevitable. The truth is, neither of these suppositions are based in reality, they’re based in your experience – and the past does not define the future. It simply gives rise to your inner editor… who can be powerful enough to drown out your inner voice.

Ego vs. Emotion

Any psychic can tell you that intuition is a feeling, literally speaking. People who are deeply in touch with their guts can rely on them the same way the rest of us count on our sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. When danger arises, your instincts sense fear. When positive energy enters a room, we feel peace or, perhaps, joy. In other words, while your inner editor processes in a purely cerebral fashion (words in your head, most often), your inner voice is sensory based. In other words, it implores all of your senses. For instance, when you feel butterflies in your stomach or tingly palms it’s your gut at work. On the other hand, when your ego is ruling the day (in the form of thoughts linked to helplessness and poor self-esteem or hubris and blind ambition), that’s your inner editor. And it’s vital that you realize that as far as editors go, your internal critic is not very good at helping you write your best life.

“You manifest the thoughts and feelings that you put your attention on the most. When self doubt creeps in ask yourself if it’s possible that what your doubting may actually be possible; and if there is the slightest chance that it’s possible change your doubt to feelings of possibility.” – Rivers ext. 5273

Separating Truth From Fiction

While it’s true that telling the difference between these two forces can be tricky, the first step to eradicating your inner editor is recognizing its existence. The next time you hear a “voice” ask yourself where it’s coming from. Is it based in some past experience (you’ve always been abandoned so you’ll always be abandoned… you got away with something once, you’ll get away with it again) OR is it a tangible feeling (I should really give this a shot – or maybe this person’s not good for me). You’re inner voice is as much a sensory experience as a thought. Your inner editor is encouraging a pattern of belief – and in one way or another, it’s usually a self-destructive one.

“No abuse… no matter what the excuse.” – Shyla ext. 5431

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6 thoughts on “Trust Your Instincts

  1. Ahmed

    hehehe, I get so much bad advice all the time! But the ones that alayws take the cake come from my MIL. For instance, keep a baby in a playpen all day without picking them up and never let them learn to crawl so that they are easier to manage, only let them out when they have learnt to stand and walk and knock the playpen over! Can you believe that!!! Or how about, tying a toddler into a cot to stop them throwing the bed clothes off so that you don’t need to have heating going all night. I think that she was lucky that laws were so lenient 40 odd years ago. With some of the things older women have told me to do, its a wonder any of us made it out of childhood alive! haha.

  2. carol

    California Psychic you guys are doing a great work. You are bringing healing I can feel. You are helping people
    to understand themselves and relationships. I just cannot find the words enough,you guys are operating from a higher level. PLEASE keep it up. May the HIGHER POWER always be with you all.

  3. Megan F.

    What you wrote was beautiful, and exactly what I needed to hear. While reading your article, I now know my inner critic has been the more dominant voice for the past years. Simply writing this comment has already cleared my thoughts and Made me smile! Thank you!

  4. Orange

    After a long term engagement/relationship ended – I found myself in a relationship with a much younger man. While it was exciting and fun it ended very painfully and rocked my inner self confidence. I found myself looking for ways to fill the void I felt inside, and while unable to understand my feelings or reaction to the end of a relationship that crippled me emotionally, I found myself reaching out to help others. I started foster and adoption proceedings and ending up adopting a baby boy a couple years later.

    Had I not gone through losing the one man I thought I truly loved – I would never have thought of adopting (currently have two children in their early 20’s) a child. While I was trying to help myself through helping others – I ended up finding my true place in life.

    I have no regrets and realize this person (failed relationship man) was put into my life to propel me closer to what I needed to do (adopt) but a part of me still feels like there is still one more love that I was meant to meet. That man that I will love and help raise my children. I’m I living with rose colored glasses on? I just can’t shake the feeling that there is another stage in my life to complete everything – but I push it aside because I don’t want to even think for a minute that I don’t already feel complete in life and already lucky to have what I have. When I think of more – it makes me feel selfish….. BUT on the other hand I can’t change the way I feel.


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