Thoughts That Can Make You Prosperous

What are You Saying to Yourself?

For every one of us, our inner dialogue begins when we first wake up in the morning. It talks about our current life situation, and what it says could either be positive or negative. In fact for many of us, this inner voice may be extremely critical and judgmental. Our inner voice shares negative thoughts with us because it is extremely common for so many people in the world to feel as though they are not good enough. How do you speak to yourself? How do you talk to yourself about money and what type of prosperous thoughts float through your head? Here are some tips tips you can use to get yourself on a more positive path:

Catch Yourself in the Act: Listen to Your Current Thoughts

If you listen to your inner dialogue you might hear comments such as, “I will always have this horrible job and never earn enough money to afford any type of luxuries. I am always broke and can’t seem to pay my bills most months. Why am I always living paycheck to paycheck? Will I ever be able to afford a vacation? Probably not. I never have enough of life’s luxuries.” Can you see how you talk to yourself? Your train of thought is quite negative and depressing.

How Negative Thoughts Impact Us: How Positive Thoughts Can Help

Negative thoughts and a negative inner dialogue do not help us get any further in life and can only bring us down. What if you started having positive thoughts when you wake or before you go to bed? If you could place positive thoughts into your mind when you go to bed or when you wake, imagine what could develop during your day? When we think positively and about prosperity we tend to attract new experiences and sometimes fall into luck with money. Positive thinking equals positive experiences. Try to appreciate what you already have and everything will eventually fall into place.  Call Psychic Michelle ext. 5396 to get your head out of the negative and into a more positive space!

Think Prosperous: Attract Money Into Your Life

If you constantly worry about being broke or becoming homeless, you are only giving these thoughts more power and strength. Why not envision yourself in luxury, with money around you and without any financial worry? You can attract money and prosperity back into your life if you visualize it. Start by telling yourself that you will have financial gain and that you will have richness, affluence and prosperity. If you need to, write down these positive affirmations and repeat them to yourself daily. You may need to constantly say positive thoughts and affirmations to yourself until you actually believe them and naturally think them.

Thinking positively on a regular basis is hard work. But after a while, it will become natural and you may feel a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Remember, it takes approximately seven positive affirmations to dissolve one negative one. Talk to yourself with self-love, kindness and compassion. You will find that you will attract positive experiences and more happiness into your life as each day goes by. If you need more help attracting positive experiences into your life, give Psychic Miss Krystal ext. 9192 a call. 

8 thoughts on “Thoughts That Can Make You Prosperous

  1. Positively Prosperous

    Positive thinking has taken me and my friends very far in life. We began to manifest more positive results once we learned to focus on more of what we want instead of what we didnt want. Great article!

  2. Tracy

    Thank you so much for those wonderful words of wisdom. I am going to take your advice and live a better life. I’ve been beat down physically and emotionally over the years and I’ve always hoped things would get better for me and in some ways it has, but I still am not where I want to be. I know now it is because I never actually believed it could get better and I never believed in myself. I deserve a better life and now I know I can, I just have to believe and visualize it happening. Thanks again.

    Your faithful reader

  3. Onika

    I too am a firm believer in positive thought. I have begun to wake each day affirming out loud ” I deserve the finest and the best”. I think many of us create our own obstacles because deep down inside, we feel we don’t deserve “things”. So…. start beleiving you deserve the finest and the best and you will attract it to you xxx

  4. Lena Davis

    I am a firm believer in positive thinking. I know it works, I may not have accomplished all of my goals,but a lot of my visions come true. I always replace a negative feeling with a positive one. Life is too short to focus on negative vibes.

  5. mary bevill

    Yes if vision hard well find money….after you stop thinking on it itsike a release button going off..and right befer you do…you warm go lucky feeling beferoney comes your way…like leaves fall off tree in frint you


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