The Worst Best Thing to Happen to You

Blessing in Disguise

Stop crying, forget the pain, and start looking at failures, losses, and disappointments as opportunities, gifts, and life-changing steps. When I look back at all the disappointments in my life, I am now grateful for them because they have led me to where I am today. Maybe you have similar experiences that you may revisit to acknowledge how wonderful your life is now because of those hardships. Here are a few of my life’s disasters turned gifts!

1. Middle School Melodrama

In the 6th grade, my teacher smacked me in the face for “being bad.” My mother instantly withdrew me from that small private school and dumped me into a large public school in the middle of November after school had been in session for months and everyone had already made their friends. I was horrified, until I met a girl who became my best friend to this very day! If that horrid teacher hadn’t slapped me, I never would have met my best friend. What a blessing in disguise!

2. High School Hell

When I was in the 10th grade, a car hit me in the crosswalk. I spent a weekend in the hospital and my parents didn’t have insurance, so they received a $40,000+ bill. In addition, I got a year full of health issues. I felt terrible physically and emotionally, and my parents were hurting financially. But, the good news was that I was alive, and all my limbs worked! I had to be really thankful for that. Then, the hospital began harassing my parents to make more than $10 a month payments toward the bill. My mom recorded all the harassing messages and played them for the hospital manager one day. He immediately waived our entire medical bill! If that bill collector hadn’t been so unnecessarily forceful, my parents may have gone bankrupt because of me.

3. First Love Freak Out

At 17, I lost my virginity to the boy I met when I was in the 6th grade. We stayed together for 3 and a half years until one day he fell for a girl at his work that wore all black and listened to Rage Against the Machine. He looked at me with dead eyes as he told me it was over. I was devastated and thought I would never move on—until I met someone new in college just a couple of months later. That’s when I realized what everyone always said was actually true: “There are plenty more fish in the sea.” If my first love hadn’t broken up with me, I wouldn’t have been exposed to all the other better men out there.

“Change is always to be welcomed rather than feared because it leads to the best relationship choices and the greatest freedom.” – Psychic Faith ext. 9608

4. First Career in the Can

I spent 4 years in college getting a bachelor’s degree in English and another 3 years getting a teaching credential only to discover that I hate teaching. I love working in the educational field. I love working with students of all ages one-on-one, but I despise getting up in front of a class and leading a lesson on reading and writing. After spending so much time in school to become a teacher, I felt like the biggest failure because I didn’t want to teach for a living. At that point, I had to accept my gut feeling and find a new career. I then pursued a career in librarianship even though I had zero experience in libraries, and this position turned out to be my dream job! If I hadn’t failed at teaching, I never would have considered being a school librarian.

“There is never a sense of failure, just another life lesson.” – Psychic Judianne ext. 5129

I’m sure I’ll encounter plenty more disappointments in my life, which actually means many more opportunities to turn those failures into successes. I have learned that it’s important to always move forward and stay positive. Whenever I experience a disappointment, I remind myself that this event will make me stronger, more resilient, and perhaps lead me to something else much greater! Take some time to reflect on your own tragedies of the past. It is highly likely that your misfortunes of yesterday led to your fortunes of today. Therefore, treat every new misadventure as another critical step toward achieving your goals in life. After all, great things in life are far more appreciated when earned after overcoming life’s most difficult challenges.

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25 thoughts on “The Worst Best Thing to Happen to You


    the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my life is that last year 2012 is that I lost my two sons’ and a grandson in 5 weeks’ ,my son which was 43 years’old pass away of an heart attack my grandson at the age of 23 was shot by some one he worked ,and my other son was so upset being he lost his brother and then his son ended up having a car accident and lost his life The fisrt one was april 23 three days after my birthday my grandson was may the 19 and his father was may the 25 , we buryed my oldest on his birthday may 31 he would have been 48 years old within 5 weeks I lost them all P.S I MISS THEM SO VERY THANK GOD I HAVE TWO MORE BECOUSE IF I DIDNT I WOULDNT’ WANT TO BE HERE ANYMORE

  2. anastacio

    we all go through hard times.its how we accept these situations. no one can decide for us in how we deal with life, incouraging each other is very good for the spirit. so, hang in there and make wise descions to over come have a good day.

  3. Jyoshna Mishra

    Hi , i would think the otherway round meaning – we are our own decision makers and therefore bear whatever the consequences are . its how you look at it . failures happen because you took a decision and acted on it and then success becase once again you made a decision to go on a different path .
    In my opinion is saying everything for a reason – is leaving too much on fate -so therefore if you are conscious of your decisions and are aware probably the failures wont even seem failures !

  4. Kay

    I have a live-in partner for fifteen years. So far, our relationship was going out well though we didn’t have any definite plans in life like getting married, having children, permanent job, etc, etc, etc.

    I am encountering a problem when I met a very young man (ten years younger than me) who has definite plans in life and he informally courted me. But I never told him that I have a live-in partner. But since, I wanted to start the relationship right, so I wanted to tell him my real status, my situation. But at that moment, he didn’t want to listen. He just wanted to enjoy and feel the moment of us being in love. Until we reached the point that I really have to be honest with him. I cannot continuously serve two masters at the same time! It’s chaotic! No focus at all, only temporary happiness! I have to choose who from whom. So I decided that we will just remain friends.

    Problem? He is already in love with me and he doesn’t want to lose me. I also learned to love him but as if our age gap is the hindrance in our relationship.

    Question? How can you say that this is the worst best thing that happens to me? Huhuhu….i have hurt his feelings and so do I, I am in pain too.

  5. Jane

    Bull crap! I have seen no positive results from my mother whipping me until my back bled, or hitting me in the head with a cast iron skillet. No good came of my father trying to get too close to me. It just made me unresponsive to men . Having my apartment broken into and items stolen , 3 miscarriages, losing my job because of realighnment in a company were not good. Later having my son hit by a car and almost dying -did no good. Losing another job that I had for 17 years because of a district managers ego, being on disability, being in the tornado area this year, finding out my husband of 43 yrs has been hiding financial difficulties from me-all within the last two years- not good. see no good.

  6. Diane Crane

    We all go through trials and misfortunes and stumble along the way coming through them. The main message as I see it is “Hang in there, baby!!”

  7. John

    I was pushed out of a junior high school job 20 years ago and felt badly about it for a few years as I drove a taxi. Then I got involved in adult education for four years. After that, I took a chance on a high school job in China and have been here for the last 10 years in a succession of university teaching jobs that I would call “golden years” where I have been successful and appreciated. The junior high hell hole no longer exists since grades 8&9 were placed in middle school and grade 10s no longer get a free ride since they have been placed in high school where they will work harder to acquire the skills needed to cope with advanced studies. I feel years younger and the unnecessary stress levels I experienced in the past are gone. I truly have a new lease on life and no intention of retiring.

  8. kiddie

    we learn by own mistakes in life , it happened twice for me in a relationship. Everything happens for a reason . mistakes in our life open our eyes in the future.

  9. nikky

    Thank you so much for giving me a little hope on continuing in life. My husband and I devorced today, I really missed him allot because all I can think about is him. but

  10. debbie

    I have been married to the same person for almost 30 years and life in horriable but will get better soon I pray your advice is true becauce I in for a hell of a change

  11. Marc from the UK

    Wow now I am getting spooked! I am currently going through some turmoil at work, I am being plagued by bad people in business who are fundamentally ok but can be devious and have taken advantage of my business, the funny thing is………….. I am learning to step back and react in a proactive way, all I keep thinking is, don’t lash out, don’t behave like they do, rise above it! In doing so positive things have fallen in place and life has taken a brighter route, I believe karma will deal with them, and I am seeing that happen slowly. My business has picked up and the negative energy where I am leaving is theirs to behold, for they have created it, I am re locating my business and our clients are excited for me. How’s that for a positive !! Great article.

  12. Stanley Koskiewicz

    I really liked your words of wisdom, about the worst best things that happen to a person. It’s all very true, that’s why we need to all go on, and do our best. It’s the same with friendships, a lot of people burn bridges very easily, they have a silly disagreement, and maybe never speak to each other again. Or want nothing to do with each other, in life we move on, we forgive each other, respect each other, we are all the same! We will always have arguments, and always disagree, but we can still always, keep love in our hearts!

  13. sammie

    Melody Lee
    I just saw another comment that said failures inrich your life… And that on the other side of failure is success… Then I read this artical… I happen to be in a pool of failures and some successes… It is making me stronger… What I have been telling myself is that there is always something to be learned from every situation good or bad… I will admit that at first, hitting my head against the same rock yet slightly different, I wanted it all to end… Now everytime I step off that limb I look at it as an opportunity to learn something knew… I have taken away the label of good/bad and changed it to experience (education). In my current situation I am being bombarded with other peoples control, what I eat, where I sleep so on and so forth. This last time I sat with a smile on my face and in my heart and listened to everything unexceptable about me. The situation itself started to become verbally villant. But what went though me while the slaughter of me was occuring was keep my successes quite from these particular people. it’s only me that needs to rejoice in them. I almost started laughing when I felt the butterflies, boy did that scare them. You see my jut is my indicator that I am following my path. And to them happiness is insanity, so now I now when they say I need to get proffessional help I am in a wonderful state of mind. Oh these people happen to be my familly. I have also been noticing for each failure they claim of me it occurs within them. And the more viollant their expression of my failures the faster it comes back on them. I am also learning that the particular word “failure” is someone not living up to someone elses expectations. Tee-hee, life is grand.
    love to all

  14. Gopinathan k

    That was useful indeed.Everybody have this type of experiences.But to analyse and
    evaluate in such a way is not only exceptional but also a caliber equal to Genius.
    I ,even now at this late stage in my life finds this very good ,for a man who knows
    about all these.Practical awareness is kindled only when u are reminded by such people.

  15. luba

    this is what sometimes are going through messages has been helpfully and true me,i do always open my email to read what your sending me please continue to save me like that and thanks

  16. Kiddoa

    I would really thank you for the encouraging message, lets focus on the future no matter the circumstances around us, as we live everyday life and it comes differently to everybody, those who fail today tomorrow its their turn for success lets hope for the best all the times, times alllows or not, feel strong for those who believe in you, because I really believe everybody is important to someones life out there, you are one of the role models of other people even if they cant say, just tell yourself and stand-up face everyday life as it comes. God bless you all

  17. Beverly

    I’m am in the middle of a very harsh break up, and at this moment I really cant see moving forward 🙁 I so badly needed to hear this today, because it gives me a tiny bit of hope that my life will go on in a hopefully better direction. I’m so heartbroken right now that I cant imagine things getting any better…Thank you so much!

  18. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    OOPs….it posted before I was finished…..

    Learning can be tough, true,…….BUT what the Author says is true in that:

    “”” Take some time to reflect on your own tragedies of the past. It is highly likely that your misfortunes of yesterday led to your fortunes of today. Therefore, treat every new misadventure as another critical step toward achieving your goals in life. After all, great things in life are far more appreciated when earned after overcoming life’s most difficult challenges.””””

    GREAT article !!!!!!

  19. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    LOVED this article…….

    One thing I learned when I died twice and crossed over…..EVERYTHING happens for a reason… links in a chain… are usually where you need to be in order to learn and grow Karmically. Learning can be tough, true,
    Take some time to reflect on your own tragedies of the past. It is highly likely that your misfortunes of yesterday led to your fortunes of today. Therefore, treat every new misadventure as another critical step toward achieving your goals in life. After all, great things in life are far more appreciated when earned after overcoming life’s most difficult challenges.


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