The Secrets Women Keep, From Everyone!

Women can keep some of their juiciest secrets from her partner, her girlfriends, family and anyone they want. Secrets like addition, infidelity and jealousy top the list.

You Would Never Know

What are some of the juiciest secrets that a woman might keep from not just her mate, but from her girlfriends, family, everyone and anyone? Let’s consider what these deep and dark secrets are most likely to be.


A nasty hook, any type of substance addiction is usually a perfectly protected habit as long as the person is a highly functional addict. Generally an addict will ferociously protect their secret vice in order to continue the addiction; consequently no loved one is safe from their defensive web of lies.


A shameful act for most, sleeping with someone while in a relationship, or being the “other woman” in another relationship, is something a woman wouldn’t want others to know about and judge her for. Not only is judgment from others painful, but it can easily lead to the compounding of her guilt about the situation. That’s why she keeps this secret. Don’t forget too, that if she wants to try to hang onto her relationship, concealing the affair would likely be the only way to do so.

Eating Disorders

Knowing that her disorder would be confronted and judged, she’d probably prefer to suffer in quiet misery than have her dirty laundry aired for all to see and perhaps pity. Another consideration is the amount of spiritual work she would have ahead of her if her loved ones became involved in finding her the professional help she needed. This would be a major life challenge that she is most certainly avoiding.


Losing a child is such an extremely painful thing, but to play an active part in the act of it can easily be an experience so horrific to a woman that she’d never want to admit to it to anyone. Regardless of the circumstances which lead her to choose an abortion, and even if it was considered the best decision for everyone involved, she’d be likely to carry regret and pain for years which she’d much rather not relive with anyone.


Weakness is always difficult to admit, and jealousy is a pretty ugly emotional weakness, regardless of how “human” the emotion is. To admit jealousy is not only to admit a feeling of inadequacy at some level, but also to admit to harboring ill feelings towards another based on her perceived deficit.

Unrequited Love

How embarrassing and hurtful is it to feel strongly toward someone and not have that love returned? Not only is it a major blow to the ego, it’s a horrible feeling of rejection that she most likely prefers to keep secret. Sometimes suffering silently is an easier pill to swallow than exposing one’s painful episodes of rejection for all to see.

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39 thoughts on “The Secrets Women Keep, From Everyone!

  1. littlepinkdaisy

    Howdy doody!
    I’m not much of a secretive person, never have been and maybe that is a mistake.
    But lately that has changed. I have come to realize that maybe secrets are good.
    At least for a while anyway until you can get a grip on the decisions you want to make
    for yourself.

  2. Secretly

    I to have secrets, but it isn’t me, it’s my other! He is a substance abuser, normally he is very difficult to live with, the only time he is decent is when he does his thing.I have tried to talk to him, but to no advail, I know he will never stop doing this ever! But , had hoped to change the way he treats me, no he doesn’t hit me, but there is verble abuse!! He has managed to alienate my family from me, so now I don’t even see my sons anymore! I keep hoping for some, change, but I know deep down it will never happen!! So, I can only hope something good will happen that i will be happy some day, before I am not here to enjoy it!!

  3. Randy

    I started out with a lier and that was 34 yrs ago oh I tried to love again then my first wife could not believe how I settled down when our little girl was born 6yrs after we were married, so eventually she wanted someone to pary with’ the secound wife loved me till i got disabled and had house and new suv paid for. Then I got the boot in the old ass thing again. So now I believe if social security will eventually start I will have one more chance oh i will talk to women, but after what I’ve heard here for sure now I’ll take my life what’s left of it no matter what and liers lie and I’ll stay with keeping to myself. No way in hell will I trust anyone again.

  4. mishthi

    i think sex has no logic its wrong at the same time its right so the word infidelity stands as a default u have a deep corner for a person and in the moment for the feelings you make love to that person so its right and not insulting that act or the moment by giving words like infidelity, lust, etc.

  5. RN

    jealousy is a big one for me. Even though things changed dramatically in my life, it’s just the only thing is what has happened to me was very embarrasing. It embarrased me so bad it made me so upset and I didnt want to eat for 3 weeks and lost 15 pounds over my emotions of how I was feeling. Until this day, when I think about it, I still get very mad over it. Even though I was the one that was chosen from it all.


    I recently made the infedelity choice on that list. I slept with another man while already being in a relationship, we have a long distance relationship and i only see him once a month, we have been dating for 1 1/2 yrs and i love him with all my heart and soul and plan on marrying him. Ive only cheated this one time but it kills me inside to knw that i could do this to him. I cant lose him but cant get over what i did. What do i do????

  7. Misty

    These are all so true. I’ve kept many of those from Everyone. U guys always hit the nail on the head! Thanx! U sometimes give me hope that there are ppl out there that could truely understand me one day in all my complicated thoughts 🙂 enjoy the site 🙂 I always do 🙂

  8. Norm

    We all make mistakes, bad choices happen. What we learn from them is what’s important. Why bring up anything that can’t be changed? Can’t change the past. Some people do change from the lessons life teaches & some don’t. What’s tough is figuring out who is who. For me what matters is who they are when I meet them & who they are from that point forward. What I’ve learned the hard way is to know a persons heart, to know who they truely are requires one simple task, listen & they will tell you. Rule No. 247 “The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.” -Bob Marley, musician

  9. louise

    I totally agree with you. No one likes to be judged and found guilty by friends and family, so we tuck them away and pretend. I would never tell anyone if an cheating or if i had an abortion. The social stigma in my part of the world is unbearable. Better have them hidden and accepted by all rather than have them out and ostracized.

  10. Jai Krishna PonnappanJai Krishna Ponnappan

    Dear Alina,
    I must say this is quiet a revealing article. Although I don’t necessarily comment as frequently, I usually read, watch over or am fully aware of all of the readings and articles published by CP, its psychics and especially the materials on this blog, this being said for the last several years since 2003-2005 to date. I know that there can be at times a lot of indirect, sometimes amusingly negative and understandable passive aggressive behaviors on display through these waves. I would kindly like to throw a little caution to the wind just in case no one has ever tried. There is no juicy Secret to a Know-er of All Secrets, if you ever cared to believe in the existence of such a thing. Some of these Women and their ‘deep and dark juicy Secrets’ are fiercely guarded just as they are born or gifted. Reading this article reminded me of someone we seem to know. Such gifts are given as blessings not so that you can violate the personal and Divine Sanctity of someone’s Secrets along with their very personal and private life and space. When you play with fire such acts usually come with unavoidable consequences. Yes, some Secrets are sanctified and.. Sacred, something that is to be treasured, respected and guarded just as they are fiercely protected. There is no God in Heaven, Earth or Hell that would want to or that can magically or miraculously keep the affirming and correcting grip of their lessons from taking hold. Be respectful and cautious when you care to play or toy with such things as Secrets especially with the subject that this article is clearly and unmistakably referring to. There is nothing mundanely psychic, personal or emotional here, No not even remotely nor is there anything here that is to be trivialized with such carelessness and egotism. It doesn’t take a lot to be at Peace with each other, to Love, to respect, encourage and support each other on this journey.

    Is the other person and Her Secrets less worthy in some way? Search for Your Secrets but Know that the Truth is always ever so fiercely Worthy of Worship and that the Truth is indestructible and unchanging —>There is a difference between a Whale, a baby whale and a great white shark, the last might suffer from what the prejudices its label and its role a s a fierce predator might bring but the first is still an alpha in more ways than one.

    P.S ~ We are all Creatures and Creations of what’s Divine. Should I have to state a similar Truth about Secrets. Let us treat each other with the same amount of Respect, Understanding and Unconditional Love.

    Blessings & Best Regards,
    Jai Krishna Ponnappan 🙂

  11. Glenn Smith

    Every one has secrets dont they? why kid yourself? A womans heart owns a oceans worth of secrets , so goes the saying, as Rose says , Titanic survivor.
    What I cant understand is in this day and age , young women cant seek the help, support from family, so readily ,and willingly avialable to them.???
    Honestly, brutal honesty, and just plain disdain, contempt, or rudeness, and a blatant disregard for another man, or human beigns feelings are two totally separate things,, ,Big difference!!
    and Yes, Have many secrets!

  12. Beth

    I think the truth which you speak has neither future nor past, IT IS, and that is all it needs to be. How does the saying go, oh the many webs we weave, when we practice to deceive. I believe in the truth, however I also believe that sometimes the truth need not be told if it will maliciously hurt another. White lies that save the heart are sometimes necessary in order to protect the ones you love. I am not talking about lying if you’re a cheater. I think it is a horrible thing to do to someone. If you want to be with someone else, go be with them, but don’t allow your partner to sit there thinking you are faithful. If you got the balls to be a cheater, you best have the balls to tell the truth about it. I am speaking of repeating something that someone may say about a friend that is not in their best interest to hear, things that do not help them live their full potential. If you do and speak about things that are for the good of all involved no lying is required. Do Unto Other’s As You Would Have Them Do Unto You. Ring a bell?

  13. Merrihelen

    I’ve always thought of myself as extremely honest, so I read this to see if any applied to me.
    1. addiction….I’m a stress eater,and have never lied or been evasive about that.
    2. infidelity…never cheated on any relationship and usually have 1-2 years between relationships, just so there’s no confusion
    3. eating disorder….again-stress eater
    4. Abortion. was advised during my 3rd month of pregnany with twins, to abort to save my own life so I could have life saving cancer surgery…I waited till after they were born. I would never have an abortion.
    5. jealousy.. I admit it usually as though it were a joke..(Of course she’s happy, with the perfect house,spouse and family!)
    6. unrequeted love, again I usually phraise it as a joke i.e. of course, he’s taken, all the perfect ones are!
    so, NO, I don’t have any secrets

  14. Glenn smith

    I was recently the unfortunate victim of unrequited love. the worst part of it, the lovely young girl I cared for, trusted , and befriended, in her time of need, ( victim of physical abuse by ex b- friend) for the last six months, was decieving me. Lying to me, leading me to believe she cared , respected and trusted me as well, While all along her attitude inside was condecending, pretencious, and selfish, using me for taking, driving her to lunch, dinner , errands, trips, movies, trips to the market, etc, etc. An agreed upon, Plationic relationship, which I was deliriously flattered by, and I must admit quite” Smitten” with. All of which, was suddenly over the course of a brief few hours , came to a Bitter end, when it was revealed to the both of us that my object of pure admiration, was nothing more than a common, sexually addicted, self admittedly Man using, heartless, souless, Call – girl Escort, aka a Whore!

  15. Memop

    Wow, im sorry to all of you, and how you must feel. I can see why people would feel upset over san abortion, because, you may have liked to see the little life that emerges from you. I also dont see why a friend should not be supportive if it is not for a good reasonn

  16. Anonymous

    I was in a relationship with a guy for almost 7 years. We have had our ups and downs over time, but seemed to overcome them. A week before Veteran’s Day we had gotten together. He told me he had that day off and we made plans to get together for lunch. As we were talking I felt this real bond between us that I hadn’t felt for a long while with him. Somehow I found myself opening up to him. I told him something that happened to me a long time ago that changed me forever. I felt if I talked to him about this, he would have a better understanding of who I am and why I fthe way I do about certain circumstances. After I told him he reacted to it in a way I thought he never would. I was wrong. He downplayed the whole situation and made me feel I was overreacting to the event and that I obviously overing came it. I looked at him and told him that yes even though I put it behind me, it still comes back in my memory. Well needless to say after awhile he left and a few days later came back and said he needed to cancel our plans because a family member asked him to go bowling that day. He chose that over me. The day we were supposed to get together I found out he took one of my friends out to lunch instead. I am still devestated over this. I want and need answers. Neither one of them will talk to me about this. I stopped talking to him after that but still see him in passins. I haven’t seen her since either but talk to her on Facebook from time to time. At first she agreed to meet but then said not right away because she had a family emergency to take care of. I don’t how much more I can take of this. I need closure. Thats all I am looking for. I dont want him back or want to resume a friendship with her either. Any thoughts or advice?

  17. Tiffiney

    All of these answers are great… We all need o remember that what we put out there ,will come back around and its normally not the same way it was given. keep the peace and love all even their faults.

  18. anon

    Another thing some may keep secret is an act of a disgusting heinous nature that they feel regret/guilt for such as a sexual deed or some other sin. If they beat themselves up for it they may not want or have the need to have others compound the guilt even more or unessecarily.

  19. Linda W.

    Really and truly a women who truly loves her soul mate shouldn’t keep any secrets from him. Because in order for a relationship to work between the two you must work at it and it be 100% between the two of them not 50/50 like some say it is give and take all the time. If you don’t work at it then you will never make it together. And if she keeps secrets from her mate it would make me think that she didn’t have full trust and confidence and respect and total trust and upmost love for him. This is my view on it. Some may see it differently and everyone has their own opinion about things this is mine. I was married for 35 years and we had quite a marriage it wasn’t always a fairytale either we had good times and bad times and anyone who tells you its all good is crazy as a bed bug! I loved him and he passed about 7 years ago I have no regrets I put my all into the marriage. we kept no secrets between us. Linda W.

  20. Mary

    You forgot one: Living in an Abuseive Relationship. I know all about this one. Keeping all of the terrible secrets about the things that happen and lying about the things that can’t be hidden.

  21. Joselin

    Not everyone associates “shame,” “misery” and “regret” with abortion. We are so lucky as women to have the opportunity to control the number of offspring we have, unlike dogs and deer. The gods have given us such a gift. And many of us, although we may not share it with “judging” friends, are hardly ashamed.

  22. kim

    I have also felt the after-effects of unrequited love. More than once. It is probably one of the worst feelings I have ever felt. The most recent time this happened I didn’t keep it secret. I told the world about it. I find it easier to talk about it….or write it all down to get it out. There are a bunch of emotions that come up when we discover the person we love or are “in love” with does not love us. With unrequited love, we always hope that they will love us one day, even though they have told us they don’t have feelings for us. So we tend to be slightly or somewhat deluded. And we don’t want to believe it. We have to forget about them…because we all deserve to be loved in return!

  23. kim

    Re Infidelity: This happened with a partner I loved very much and trusted. She cheated on me, then left me for the other woman! It hurt so much, I became depressed….my self confidence and self esteem at an all-time low. It took so long to get over…I didn’t have another r/ship for about 12 years. I am still not in a r/ship. That’s how much it affected me. So if anyone is cheating on a partner, put yourself in your partner’s shoes. It is a very hurtful thing to do to them. Take control of your desires….exercise some self-control and will power. It will save someone a lot of heartache and pain! And save yourself from guilt and from keeping secrets from someone who loves you.

  24. Pisces rising

    I would imagine things like self cutting or self injury are something also hidden. Anything that they would deem “out of their control” yet they are doing it to themselves to begin with.

  25. Kamal K Ghosh

    Well written. But then,these are the secrets of men also, except, of course, the case of abortion. I can cite my example. If I have ever lied to my wife, it is for my smoking, which she literally hates.

  26. Marc from the UK

    I think women are the most secretive of the species, maybe this is to do with the fact that men and women perceive truth differently. I particularly like the comment by Psychic Lacey that” It is possible to love more than one person at once, but eventually realize that you are going to have to make a decision, otherwise you are cheating yourself or others out of happiness” I think schools should have additional lessons, How the femail mind works for boys, and how the male mind works for girls!!! Might save an awful lot of heart and head aches lol!


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