The Real Life of a Psychic Revealed

Psychic Trinity Reveals the Life of a Psychic

Psychic Trinity ext. 5275 is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, medium and also a full-blooded Native American. She told me about her skills and abilities: “I don’t use any tools. When I’m doing readings, I’m connecting with Archangels and Ascended Masters. I utilize my Native American heritage, and for myself that’s not just my heritage, it’s really who I am. I connect with the caller’s spirit guides, and if I need some assistance in a direction I work with my own.”

Check out the video below to see Trinity explain what it’s like being a psychic! Then check out Trinity’s tips on how to enhance your psychic reading. Try a reading with Psychic Trinity ext. 5275 and experience her unique gifts for yourself.

Trinity’s Tidbits for Callers

• “It’s really important for a caller to be focused, even if they take one minute to focus before calling.”

• “All I’m looking for is a first name. I don’t need a birthday, I don’t need their sign, just their first name. And a general direction or what they want me to look at. Just give me a direction and I’m good!”

• “I try to get people to simply trust their own process. Many people don’t. So when I hear that come up, I get them to start saying, ‘I trust in the decisions I make as being in the best interests of my higher self.’”

• “My medium readings help people reconnect with their loved ones when they may not have had that opportunity to say goodbye, or those last words. Even talking to deceased pets, I can do that, too. I’m certainly here to help you in questions about your love life, diverse types of relationships, and finding your direction. Every single relationship is different, as are the people who call. There’s no such thing as saying, ‘Relationships look like A, B, C.’ They’re all different. I’m also a very good pet psychic.” Let Psychic Trinity ext. 5275 answer your questions and help you find healing and support along your life path. Call her today!

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