The Purpose of Fear

Fear, first and foremost, is a survival instinct. It can also be perceived as an entity entirely on it’s own … ready to creep in and sabotage an array of circumstances, from relationships to a career change. So … where do you draw the line?

We asked our psychics about fear and this is what they said …

“Imagine, if you are able, a life without fear. Everything is perfect, safe. There are no risks and no worries. What would you do with the rest of your life? In Greek mythology, Aries’ chariot was drawn by two horses named Deimos and Phobos, which translates to FEAR and PANIC. This is why the idea persists, “One is either loving or fearing,” and yes, they are mutually exclusive. Love or fear — choose.”

–   Psychic Phillip ext. 9485

“Every one of us has experienced the physical manifestation of fear in our gut, the sense of danger lurking in our midst. Sometimes this feeling is validated, and other times we write it off as an overreaction. An instinct is an unlearned behavior or reaction to stimuli, usually geared toward survival. Much like animals in the wild, we are all born with our natural instincts intact — but we can learn, or be taught, to override these instincts.”

–   Psychic Red ext. 9226

Bloggers, when have you let fear get in the way? Any tips on ways to overcome it?

8 thoughts on “The Purpose of Fear


    Fear is a state of mind. It is in the mind,& not in the nature. Fear ,may be Physical,or mentalmbut each connected to other,in the real sense. As, a Paratrooper Trainee,in the Indian Army,I have undergone these two types of fears,but ,with grit,guts,courage,hard training,self belief-with the power of positive thinking-” yes I can do it” attitude,I have converted ,the fear,fairly well (if not completely) to courage. India,has taught the world,how to overcome ,by YOGA/Transcendental Meditation/Martial Arts etc.

  2. Frankie Eggemeyer

    Ok caught this fear thing just now and I know it was pub in 2010 the year my husband died. Grief took over then had weight problem and personal neglect from twenty yrs taking care of beloved spouse and began on long road to recovery to life again. I found driver lic expired. Had to have eye test and found catarract. I got one eye done and my eye I guess could see that needle coming down and would start wiggling to get away. I called it “fight and flight syndrome. The dr gave me so much deadener my head was numb half way round and my eye surgery bypassed seven other cases. I call that fear imbedded In my brain. Nothing I could do to go sleep no not work. Natural in born protection v danger. Maybe I could have chosen a better sign to have operation. I don’t know. I do know I would not make appointment for second eye period. After months of recouping that eye does not magnify like other eye but is clearer true. I passed the dr test this time. Why did this happen? In terms of astrology horoscope readings on br July 8 1936 where charleston mo?

  3. Antonio

    There’s a book called The Birthday Book’ don’t know who wrote it .it diecrebss the people born on each of the days in the year. So there’s a description for someone born on the 13th of April, 5th of May etc It’s a really good book tells you about the person’s personality, strengths/weaknesses etc.Maybe you can have a look in the library or bookshop. That will give you some insight.

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  6. Diane Frances

    Fear, throughout life has become a tool that I have learned to utilize, for example like anger, it can fuel a project or at least make you think- ‘why does this frighten me so much?’ Yes, it is instinct, freaking out over the unknown but if we didn’t have those instincts we might become complacent and boring in our state of stagnation. I have never allowed fear to stop me from making changes in my life-I sit and make lists and work out strategies so I can understand the process of change. If I am prepared, breathing and confident (still nervous of course), I end up enjoying the excitement. Because I think fear can also block wonderful and exciting changes to happen…BUT if you prepare and look into the future and weigh out the pros and cons of how the situation can go during and after, you gain more confidence and understanding of yourself. Usually you realize after it wasn’t so scary after all. Exercise, meditation and singing or chanting also helps you prepare for change or face a situation whether it is a speech or a confrontation. Also if you are scared of auditioning or something of that nature, think about how you could make the other actor or reader look good and as soon as you shift your focus on helping someone else, you become less self absorbed and shine! 😉

  7. Sandra O'Connor

    Store away the ways you overcome fear. Even little events like forgetting something important like your driver’s license when you are stopped by the police. Each and every event that causes fear in you needs to be remembered along with how the event was solved. Fear becomes less and less the more you realize how many times you’ve faced fear and overcome it with growing confidence. Start today and watch how secure you can become.

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Good article, here is more food for thought…
    Fear is an important emotion in some instances though….because fear can motivate a person to make required changes, short term and long term, in their life which can lead to a richer, more fulfilling life.
    Two examples….
    .. fear, making a short term change….
    Say you are walking down a dark road or dark alley and you suddenly feel fearful…time to act upon that fear and seek an open, well lit public place…. thus maybe saving your life from being mugged and attacked (?) That would be a case where your intuition is triggering fear to get your immediate attention….
    …fear, making a long term change…
    I read for a victim of PHYSICAL , ( not to mention mental and emotional)domestic violence just last night.
    Her FEAR, grounded in the tangible and in logic is trying to over-ride her co-depedent emotions,and is finally telling her, after 23 years of abuse, it’s time to leave because her husband is becoming more aggressive with each slap and punch….
    ….in short,her fear is telling her to get out, now, before he finally kills her.
    Sometimes fear is a healthy response to be acted upon, or at the very least,heeded and examined….
    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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