The Grinch’s Guide to Growing Your Heart

Live a Happier Life With a Loving Heart

In Dr. Seuss’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” story, the Grinch’s heart started out being two sizes too small and then later grew three sizes. His transformation came about through an ironic twist: the thing he hated most turned out to be the thing that made his heart change.

Heart to Heart and Hand in Hand

What the Grinch hated most in Whoville was the residents standing hand in hand and singing their happy Christmas song. He was convinced that if he stole all of their holiday decorations, gifts, and food that the only sound he would hear on Christmas morning would be their sad “boo-hoo.”

But even in the absence of their holiday goodies, the Whos gathered in the town square to sing their cheery song to welcome Christmas. When the Grinch heard them singing, “Christmas day is in our grasp, as long as we have hands to clasp,” he realized that the joy of Christmas doesn’t come from store-bought things.

Welcome, Christmas, Bring Your Light

If you’re feeling like maybe your own heart is a little too tight, you can loosen it as the Grinch did by letting the light of Christmas brighten the darkness. Are you irritated by the radio stations that play holiday music all day long? Good! The Grinch’s guide to growing your heart starts with recognizing the thing that bothers you the most.

Puzzled? Good again. When the Grinch heard a glad sound instead of a sad sound, he went through a phase of puzzlement. It was in that process of trying to figure out why his plan failed that he was able to see things in a different perspective. So ask yourself why your heart isn’t as open as it can be. Have you been hurt? Are you afraid? Is your soul weary?

“Please don’t quit five minutes before the Miracle happens to bring joy into your life! Sometimes depression is like someone laid a black scarf over your head and everything you look at is a shade of grey… but that is an illusion. Once that scarf is lifted you can once again see all the colors that were always there.” – Yemaya ext. 5143

In figuring out what has been shrinking your heart, you might experience a change of heart. The light of inspiration can ignite and set your loving heart on fire. Then you can use that warmth to fuel your transformation into living a happier life.

Your New Life Awaits

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“This is something my guardian angel, Marissa, gave to me many years ago. I hope her angelic words to me can be an inspiration to others: ‘Life is like a rose… we can drink in its beauty, savor its sweetness, or collect its thorns.'” – Kelli ext. 5130

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  1. Gelsomina

    Dear Theresa,

    Love, love this article. So true. No one should try to steal someones joy. Go inside and find your true happiness.

    Happy holidays


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