Tarot: Are You Trapped by the Devil?

While most people seem to get shocked and scared when they see the Tarot’s Death card (and they shouldn’t—it’s a positive card), people look at The Devil card with little more than mild interest. The Devil card, however, deserves a lot more attention because it’s one of the most important cards indicating a need for personal change.

A two word definition of the meaning of this card would be “false addiction.” The largest image in the card is that of Ol’ Scratch himself. Today, many people are worried about Satan’s control of them, even blaming all of their problems on Satan or his demons. Bad boyfriend? Overeating? Bad job? Catch a cold? Blame it on Satan!

But are the sources of your problems REALLY coming from outside of you, or are they just your own problems and choices? While this card doesn’t deny the potential of evil from Satan, it asks you to examine your issues.

Look at the image of the Devil on this card: fierce and strong? Hardly. His white beard indicates age and his round belly indicates he more interested in consuming sugar than souls. He’s perched precariously on a tiny stand. The two people chained to it need only tap him with their elbows to knock him down. He holds a torch in his left hand, but he’s so stupid that he holds it upside down and is going to burn himself. Yes, he still has a piercing gaze, but he has no power to back it up.

The couple don’t seem to realize what a weak pushover he is. They’re helpless in heavy chains. They don’t believe he’s old and weak. They don’t believe they could easily knock him over. They don’t even realize that the chains that hold them back are loose around their necks and could easily be lifted off, freeing them from their evil commander.

So what keeps them in thrall to the Devil? Their own thoughts and beliefs. They believe that the devil controls them. It’s like an addiction; but rather than being addicted to a drug, they are addicted to their beliefs, beliefs which could easily be changed. Their beliefs are a metaphoric devil, a monkey on their backs, and those beliefs hold them back. They think, falsely, that they can’t break their addiction. But they can. They can just lift the chains and walk away. You can, too.

One of the main reasons people don’t escape false addictions is because they’re so deeply involved in their personal problems that they can’t see a more objective, bigger picture. The couple on the card can’t see that the devil is a doddering, weak, foolish character whom they could easily overcome. We can see it because we’re outside of the card.

A great way to get an objective view of a situation is to get a reading from someone whom you can trust. A good Tarot reader or psychic, for example, can help you get the “big picture” and guide you so you can make positive and beneficial choices that will get you away from false addictions and help you move on with your life.

Another way is to “program” your dreams. When you are going to sleep at night, tell yourself, “I will remember those dreams that will help me overcome false addictions.” Write down your dreams, whatever they are, IMMEDIATELY when you awake. Then examine them for clues to your situation a few days later.

A third way is through meditation. Get an image of this card and spend three minutes starting at it intently. Close your eyes and you will get a hazy afterimage of the card. Simply will yourself to keep that afterimage in front of you for as long as possible. Continue until you can’t see any part of the image, then open your eyes. Repeat twice a day for three days. For the next week, pay attention to your dreams and “coincidences.” They will be from your Higher Self and will give you powerful information and keys to improving your life!

Donald Michael Kraig graduated from UCLA with a degree in philosophy, and has become a certified hypnotherapist and Master NLP practitioner. His book, Modern Magick, is the most popular step-by-step course in real magick ever published.

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