Success vs. Happiness

Sandra Bullock just won an Oscar … she also was publicly humiliated by an adulterous spouse. Such a state of affairs seems almost like a trade off.

What do you think? If you could have a personal success of the caliber of an Oscar win, or a normal happy marriage, which would you choose?

An op-ed piece in the New York Times has more to say on the subject.

6 thoughts on “Success vs. Happiness

  1. Kwak

    I absolutely agree, the attdiute and mood of the boss/director/manager/supervisor sets the mood for everyone else. A smile and cheerful disposition go a long way to promoting good morale, productivity and a sense of security among staff, even when things are not all that rosy. Take a break, walk around the building with your favorite daytime beverage in your hand and say hello to your staff.

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  6. Ali

    Happiness is defined differently by everyone. Couple years ago I would have said a happy marriage but after everything I have been through and through my personal and spiritual growth over these last couple years, I would take personal success. I realize one can’t control the people around, you can only control your actions and behavior. Success and happiness comes from your interpretation of life. Sandra Bullock worked hard and she haas finally reaped her well deserved award. She should stand tall and not stress over what her husband has done. She should divorce him and move on. Many think happiness is determined by the strength of your relationship (I too was guilty for thinking this way once) but in reality it’s the many small things that brings the richest fulfillments in life.


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