Too Stressed for Sex? Get in the Mood!

 Stressed, Tired and Unsatisfied

Getting in the mood for sex can be more difficult for some people than others. The people who have the most difficulty are often those who are stressed. If you have the time, you could always work on reducing the stress in your life. Or if you’d rather get yourself in the mood now, have some great stress-relieving sex and work on your stress problems another day. These tips could offer a bit of a shortcut, if you’re looking for one.

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Do Some Chores

What causes stress? For some, it is often a set of unfinished chores or piles of stuff lying around the house (or office). For women, studies suggest that checking off all the items on a to-do list is enough to get them in the mood for some hanky panky. And a partner who rolls up their sleeves and helps out around the house is enough to turn them on. If you keep up with your boring chores you’ll have a better time in the bedroom.

Put Some Socks On

My grandmother used to always say, “Cold hands; warm heart.” However, according to some researchers, cold feet can lead to some very lukewarm sexual feelings. It’s true. If your feet feel cold during sex, you’re less likely to achieve orgasm than if your feet were warm. And guess when your feet are most likely to be cold—when you’re stressed! Cold feet are often a sign that your body has sent all it’s warming blood to the core of your body, for the “fight or flight” response. So if cold feet are turning you into a cold fish in bed, get some exercise, soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes, or put on a pair of socks.

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Hug it Out

There is more to being intimate than just having sex. Do you and your partner cuddle or hug often? If you don’t you should! Not only does hugging or cuddling release oxytocin, a chemical that gets you in the mood, it also relieves stress. Spend more time touching your partner and getting close.


Jump start your sex life and remove stress by getting creative in the bedroom. Change the way you have sex or introduce some new toys into your mix. You won’t want to have sex if you’ve been doing it the exact same way for months or years, so change things up. Consider a romantic massage, bubble bath for two, new lingerie or a little role playing. You don’t have to be too kinky or too adventurous to get things going.

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Show and Tell

A sex expert once told me that it is much easier to tell a partner what you don’t like about sex, than it is to tell them what you do like. That’s because many people fear that what turns them on would be a turnoff for their partner. You’re desires probably aren’t as weird as you think they are and you thinking they’re weird probably stresses you out. And if you don’t tell your partner what you really like, the sex between you won’t be as good as it could be.

If you’re too stressed to have sex, you’re missing out on a lot of the health benefits of having sex—one of them being stress relief! Try any of these tips tonight and see if they get you in the mood.

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One thought on “Too Stressed for Sex? Get in the Mood!

  1. Zarinah

    Thanks for the advice.! .My partner of 15 years have recently had problems which I attributed to issues he was having with E.D. and being “saved”. The E.D. is better now because I ordered him some Nugenix,but he quit taking it because he said it made him nauseated and mean. I guess that’s what a lot of testosterone will do for some men. The religious- guilty if your not married thing is static and I’m less sure of how to deal with that, plus he recently lost his father to cancer and one of his sons was the victim of a shooting That means he’s also dealing with a lot of grief Me being a widow and having been married twice (16 yrs & 7 yrs); I’m not so sure I want to get married again, plus I recently retired. I guess I’m more understanding because I’m a Registered Nurse and have some psychic skills myself.I probably won’t join his church because I believe in a different faith and that wouldn’t solve our problem of not being married anyway.


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