Steps to Clear Manifestation

Manifest the Life You Want

Have you ever thought of something you wanted to create in your life long enough you knew it just might manifest before you, and then it didn’t? Often our hearts and minds aren’t working together in harmony of thought and joy to create our desire. When you wish to manifest your desires, there are a few simple steps to be mindful of, for instance; maintaining your focus is the absolute key to manifestation. It is also the way to measure your inner strength, your soul vibration. The more we practice maintaining our focus on any one thing, the stronger our manifestation ability becomes. If our thoughts become scattered or we allow ourselves to be distracted by anyone or anything, we lose our concentration abilities, therefore never completing our thoughts and not manifesting our desires. When we focus on one thing, our body not only accepts the idea and immediately starts to work on it, but our mind shuts out all other things, removing any power you may have previously given those other issues.

This works in both positive and negative situations. The more power we give to something, the more we attract it and bring it into our lives. Our desire to manifest the positive, think and speak positively, should be first nature to us. You’ve heard the saying, “What the mind first conceives, then believes, it achieves,” so, instead of learning to monitor our thoughts from moment to moment, trying to shut out negative situations, move your focus to a positive goal or achievement, your body will immediately take on the belief process. Is this Omnipotent thinking? Possibly. But through this process your thoughts and feelings, your physical body will begin to no longer recognize negative energies, only positive energies.

In order to manifest, we must look at our desires and how much we want them. You cannot manifest something you would “like to have,” but you can manifest anything and everything you desire to have by keeping your focus on that desire. In doing so, you give permission and power for your desire to appear in your life. You also remove from your focus things which you no longer associate to or things that are no longer of any value in your life.

The first step in creating prosperity is removing objects, old things or negative thinking from your life in order to create a vacuum for desired good to come in. The next step is to meditate on your true desires, daily. Make a list prioritizing the different goals or desires you will be manifesting. Hold the thought of receiving what you desire. Then, on a daily basis, go out and do one small thing toward achieving your goal or desire. Perhaps a vision board will help you keep your focus and stay on the path of achievement. And, of course, be sure to enjoy and give thanks when your manifestation comes into being.

Know that you deserve to be prosperous. Know that you live in a loving universe and that you were meant to be an abundant being. Everything this universe has to offer is ours, as long as we are willing to ask in earnest for our true desires. Creating consistent prosperity may be summed up as follows; Create a vacuum, Meditate on your desires, Focus your creative efforts, Give thanks, Enjoy your manifestation. After all, if it turns out that the manifestation is not what you want, you can always give it back to universe and create something new.

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