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Do you feel a hunger for something transformative, something spiritual in your life? Many of us do, but were turned off by the religious experiences of our past. Luckily, it’s possible to create (or choose) your own spiritual practice, so your soul has room to grow and to fly – without necessarily tethering yourself to the religion of your birth.

Still, most people do find their ultimate spiritual practice from within a religion, and then it’s a matter of finding the best fit. Perhaps someone from a Reform Jewish Synagogue might choose to practice Zen Buddhism; or someone raised a Roman Catholic might end up an Episcopalian. This is in many ways an easier path, because all you have to do is acknowledge that you’re not happy – and start investigating other traditions until you find one that fits.

Questions to ask
Either way, if you want to create your own practice, or choose the appropriate new one, you’ll need to consider some important questions.

1) Start by asking yourself what you’re looking for. Is it:

A deeper connection to a culture?

A connection to a higher power?

A stronger connection to your own intuitive powers?

A connection to nature and natural energies?

2) Consider, what are you yearning for? What different traditions call to you? Do you feel drawn to certain mystery schools?

3) What do you believe? What beliefs are uncomfortable for you?

Armed with these answers, it’s important to take into consideration how much latitude you want to enjoy. Some people thrive on the structures and restrictions of their religion. These things give them a sense of belonging, of security and of certainty. Yet others want the freedom to dream up their own rituals, their own creeds and combined beliefs. Be honest with yourself, and you’ll be able to choose a practice that suits your inner nature.

1) Next, ask yourself: How important is proximity and access to a community of like-minded practitioners to you?

2) Think about whether you have a need for private or public ritual. Do you have a need for community, or can you only imagine yourself practicing alone?

3) What types of rituals feel expansive and spiritual to you? Which rituals leave you feeling empty and cold?

4) Which set of beliefs and practices best complement your lifestyle?

Take a few moments and answer these questions. With your own unique answers as your guide, you’ll know what practices or religions to explore.

Right now, with the Internet and all its resources, there’s information available on any tradition you can imagine, from the revived ancients, to evolving contemporary practices that incorporate a variety of belief systems. Investigate as many traditions and practices as you feel necessary, and then choose what fills your spiritual yearnings.

Whether it’s the philosophies of the Native Americans, the beliefs of Zoroastrians or even the quiet Methodist congregation down the street that answers a stirring in your heart – it doesn’t matter: most paths lead to the same place, and a life lived with a deeply felt spiritual connection can be richer than one without.

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