Spring Clean Your Karma

Make Room for the New

Have you been having a negative view of the world lately? Karma is described at the energy that surrounds us, the attitude we present to the world and others, as well as a general outlook on life. Do you think it is time to spring clean your karma? 

If you feel that your karma has become tainted and negative then it might be time to clean your inner house. Negative karma can make life unbearable and you might feel like you are doomed. Attract positivity into your life by taking out the negative trash. Use these top 5 karma-cleansing techniques and get yourself on your way to a positive, new you:

The Pen Truly is Mightier Than the Sword

It has been proven time and time again that journaling can release you of negative feelings. Put all of your thoughts, however dark they may seem, down on paper. Rant, rave, vent and spill all of your negative feelings out on page after page. If you feel like you want to take out the trash completely then do so by ripping up and shredding your paper and journal. This has been a fantastic tool to get rid of old, useless and negative karma and start fresh.

Practice Thankfulness and Gratitude

When we forget to thank the world for all that we have, we can fall into a downward, negative spiral. The more we practice being grateful the more we are open to new experiences and can let go of stressful karma. Fill your heart with positivity and be thankful for everything you have been given in life whether it is family, shelter, food, education or friends. Learn to be thankful for what you already have and not so focused on what you lack. Psychic Kelli ext. 5130 can help!

Use Unconditional Love as a Tool

By living a life full of love, your old, negative karma will dissolve. Practice loving more every day. Be kind to strangers, say “I love you” to your kids or parents and do something unselfish for someone else once a day. By living a life full of love, the negativity will soon disappear, leaving room for positive karma to shine through.

“See the positive in what your mind is telling you is negative.” – Psychic Teva ext. 5141

Practice Forgiveness Every Day

Forgiveness is extremely important when it comes to spring cleaning your karma. By forgiving those who have hurt us, we can actually help ourselves heal from within. While you don’t have to directly tell the individual you forgive them, you can practice what it may feel and look like. If you forgive a negative force in your life you can allow that force to move on and encourage new, positive experiences.

Your Attitude is Everything

Listen to how you deal with situations on a daily basis. Be aware of selfish actions or negative words you may be expressing around others. If you are producing negative karma around you, you will only attract more negativity. If you think positively and live in a positive manner, you will attract more fulfilling and happier experiences. Even if you don’t feel positive, fake it until you begin to believe it yourself. Say positive affirmations on a daily basis and get rid of that negative karma that is only holding you back from a quality life. Positive affirmations are easy to do daily—you just need to figure out which ones would work best for you. Charlie ext. 5277 knows exactly what you should be telling yourself!

15 thoughts on “Spring Clean Your Karma

  1. Ibrahim halilu

    I ve lost so many opportunities in life dt now seem irrecoverable . My family members & others keep on blaming me for dt and also refuse to lend a helping hand ; and so i keep suffering alone .

  2. Matt Munro

    last one!…i avoided a fight once…A guy with frustrations on life chose me to take his frustrations on life just to feel better for himself…I told him that i feel his pain…He was stunned and dropped his jaw, and just walked away…i bet he was a binge drinker filling negative grudges for months until he tanks himself up..I know that story too well…At a young age I was presented an award for compassion and consideration to others…I do hold that priviledge dearly to my heart, unless proven differently…primative messures for primative things…

  3. Matt Munro

    Why? I make a perimeter around myself when in need…I almost lost my life, maybe for a minute less, or more…It was suspended time…By 5 bouncers in a bar, and they cornerd me in a small space, no defence what so ever…So I make sure I can move aound, and not become trapped…This fighting, is my last resort, I prefer words of choice, that may upset one, but it is the truth, and that hopefully makes them look at themselves…I have the power of words of choice to break a negative person…

  4. Matt Munro

    When fighting things that are evil, I will not sleep until the job is done…That spooky shit, I find somewhat interesting, and I can fight, even though I am empathetic…Once I was up for three months until I had to go to the hospital…I was inter-tangled with a force, and to weak minds around me where affected…lets just say I was fighting a deamon…After the first injection, all I wanted was a smoke in peace and the security took that from me…The smoke and pack at the same time…lets just say them were fighting words…I know Teva ext. 5141 that you do not like smokers… Thats the only vice I have…besides trying to get personal satifaction from spending money…Those are my only negative things, thats if it is clasified as negative…
    The doctors called it a phycosis, and gave me pills to make me weak…

  5. Matt Munro

    Oh! Good morning!…When I become so angry at things, and do not want to harm anything…I go straight to the hospital for them to coma-tose me…I call there injections, a 72 hour special…When agry, it takes two of them to put me out for a very short time, last one was 4 hours…When tested for toxins, when i am angry, there is not a single toxin in my blood, i wear it off from my indrenalin…

  6. Matt Munro

    One of my hearts, is in a protective nature…Not pretty!…If needed to be, to protect loved ones…I make a perimeter, and own every square inch of it…I litterally own it, and i usually know exactly what I am dealing with, and conquer before I even start…

  7. Matt Munro

    Wait til you get a load of this…Teva ext. 5141…You are as attractive inside, as you are in your physical looks…The real mccoy!…Exactly! the qualities I am lookin for…This is serious wishful thinking on my part…But I am a dreamer by heart…I been told that I have two hearts, if you know that old saying…

  8. Matt Munro

    Question pops up in my head…Whats? inventory…”clean slating everything in ones mind each and everyday, or when needed to start fresh again in the day, just so it will not bite you in the ass…

  9. Matt Munro

    A little tip I know from fighting evil things…I constently give an inventory, just so my own mind cannot be used against myself…

  10. Matt Munro

    As to a dayly inventory to have a clean slate, either she knew this all the time, or had to learn one day at a time for survival from addictions…I am a specialist on dayly inventory…I believe that no one can be as good as me in this…unless it is a good lifetime of propper living, that! I cannot compete with…17 years of understanding this, and it was the first thing taught to me, because they said that i could not hold another thing in my head…

  11. Matt Munro

    As to mental heath issues, if any it would be depression either from after a birth, or long going…Site spiritually is, I believe her strongest spiritual tool…I have blind visionary faith, because I lost it in a battle…

  12. Matt Munro

    If I did not know any better Teva ext.5141 could or had a dream of teaching young children(does in her ways), and or has a single daughter that she holds so special to her heart, and that is the most important thing in her life…The child in her has been recaptured, no reinforced!…She is not de-sensitized to life…That is one secret to a understanding carring and loving nature…(interpretations)

  13. Matt Munro

    Now that I am warmed myself up!…The picture of Teva ext. 5141…She grabs my attention, just because I like her looks…Her spirit radiates full of positive, compassionate, empathetic, inspirational and just plain unconditionl love and understanding, and everything else…She has as well, another center to her it is inspration that sits in the rib cage area, as well…Her inspiration of life in general to me shows that she participates in sports, like running, for her cardio is strong which is great for her heart that leads in evey thing of her affairs…Everyone is a transmitter, reciever, she gives out more than she takes in…Which in fact is her biggest character flaw, thats if someone wants to take advantage of this..Money is not an issue what so ever…Very comfortable with her needs being met…She could and would be happy even if she did not have the luxury of resouces met with a dollar…Her heart is in ever center of her spirtual body of what I call the latter, from her spirit, up to the mind…She has a gental, loving understanding coming from her mind as well…She is so emphetic that she can mirror image anything for understanding empathetically, so she could be compatible with any postive human creature of choice, as long as it is a positve atmosphere or setting… She will understand this…”I am a bi-product of my atmosphere I am in” if spelling(?)too early in morning…Just by reading can give a general picture of her, I a using feel…She also likes leading the pack in a leaership role…A good boss, if chooses…

  14. Htun Lynn

    Yep! I had start cleaning my Negative Subconcious Mind with Possitive Karma in every aspect to become a clean and advance possitive Attitute Guy forever !!!


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