Spiritual Heart Cleansing

Clean Away the Negativity

This type of cleansing is used by many psychics and sometimes during psychic readings to get rid of any negative energy that surrounds the heart. Negative energy that holds itself within a certain area of the body can be the problem behind a variety of issues in your daily life, such as relationship problems, heart pain, depression and more. Negative energy reduces the quality of our lives if it is not cleansed from our bodies. Individuals who are familiar with chakras and who practice meditation are usually in-the-know when it comes to cleansing the body of negative energy.

If you have been sensing a negative energy within your own body and close to the region of your heart, you may need a spiritual heart cleansing. One of the first steps in this process is to believe that a spiritual cleansing can actually take place. Individuals interested in a spiritual cleansing may seek the assistance of a teacher or spiritual guide or someone they trust within their immediate circle. Let’s start the process by reading the following tips for a spiritual heart cleansing:

Preparing the Room

This is a very important part of the spiritual heart cleansing process. Make sure the room you have chosen is extremely clean. Wash and sweep the floors. Smudge the room with sage and try to locate the positive energy and vibrations.

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Relaxation is a Key Factor

If your spiritual guide or friend is performing this spiritual heart cleanse they will make sure you are in a relaxed state. They will ask you to close your eyes and breathe correctly and deeply.

Open Up to New and Positive Energy

If your spiritual guide or close friend is performing this spiritual heart cleansing they will make sure you are relaxed and then hold their hands approximately 6 inches away from the area of your heart. They will then ask you to open yourself up to new and positive energy as they move their hands from the top of your body down to your feet. You will roll over and they will repeat the action they just performed on your back side. This step will allow the negative energy to seep out into the air and to be contained by your spiritual guide or loved one.

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Wipe Away Negative Energy

Now that the negative energy is above your heart and body, the sweeping action occurs. Your spiritual guide will sweep and wipe away any negative energy that hovers over your heart and body. It may look just like the same action of shaking wet hands to get rid of the excess water. After this is complete, the room should be cleaned, swept again and smudged with sage to get rid of any lingering, negative vibrations. This completes the spiritual heart cleansing process.

After this has been completed a couple of times you should feel lighter, more positive and have a general sense of happiness. While this may not be the best solution for everyone, it can be of some help when negativity circles the area of the heart. If you are experiencing a lot of physical symptoms and discomfort in the heart, then you must visit your doctor for further investigation.

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Heart Cleansing

  1. Stevie x5778

    This is wonderful information. Is there a way to perform this on yourself without the help of a friend as you suggest? Curious.

    Stevie. 😀

  2. jayshree

    this is really helpfull for me bec…..my heart so broken it’s badley n after that i does this prosses this so it’s really good for me now i understand no where is love only cheating evereywhere so i m pray allwayes god so good luck for everyone


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