A Simple Exercise to Change Your Stress Level

Change Your Stress Level

Stress and the Soothing Voice of the Soul

In a world where the average thought process now lasts less than 10 seconds before moving on to another interest, the stress levels we experience can be legendary! Under a constant barrage of media, personal and professional demands, it is easy to become overwhelmed without a single moment for yourself. In this article, I am offering a very simple and remarkably quick (once learned and practiced) action for decompression that can be utilized by anyone at almost any time. However, do not attempt this exercise while driving or performing any other activity that would need your full attention!

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Stress in All its Forms

It’s important to realize that stress in all its forms can do a great deal of damage to your life’s journey. It can cloud the mind and, in its negative form, it feeds on artificial emotions such as guilt and worry. It has been documented to cause everything from hypertension to bad judgement. Many decisions made rashly and suddenly have led to great tribulation and sorrow. Slowing down and looking at the situation with a clear and cooled mind can often give a much better perspective. The challenge is knowing how to access that part of the human psyche in such a manner (and quickly enough) as to keep up with the demands of life in the 21st century.

Meditate in the Shower

If you find that you have no time for any kind of meditation, try this one first in the shower. It is simple to memorize and very easy to attain while in the presence of running water. Here it is:

A White Sandy Beach

Imagine yourself on a white sandy beach. Take three deep, slow breaths. Allow yourself to really feel the sand beneath your feet (If you have never been on such a beach, imagine what it would feel like.), and let your feet begin to gently sink into that warm, soft sand.

A Beautiful Ocean and a Steamship

Take three more slow, calm breaths. Now, as you see yourself on the beach with the beautiful turquoise ocean lapping gently near your feet, with your physical eyes still closed, gaze toward the horizon. In your mind’s eye, envision an old steamship on the far horizon. You can see that it is an old steamship without much effort, but be sure to envision it on the farthest point of the horizon, where the sea meets the azure sky.

A Wide-Open Horizon

Now, with another deep breath, as you feel the sand beneath your feet and the warmth of the evening sun on your wonderful, peaceful island, gaze at the ship and notice it has two tiny wisps of smoke emitting from its smoke stacks. From your distant perspective, it is barely noticeable, but you are watching as the smoke drifts upwards into a clear, evening sky. Follow the smoke with your mind’s eye until you can no longer see it at all. The smoke has now become part of the sky. At that moment, you are only aware of wide-open horizon. Evening hues of deep orange and rising purples as the sun begins to fade away are all that is left.

A Troubling Question

At this moment, feel the coolness of the evening island and the quiet of your own soul. If you have a question that has been troubling you or a situation you can’t quite handle, this simple exercise can change the stress levels very quickly. While you are still envisioning yourself on the beach, ask yourself the question. Take the emotions away from the issue and listen to your own soul’s response. You already have the answer.

Real Stress Reduction

This is an exercise I use when I am confused (Yes, even psychics can have challenging moments!) and it has worked wonders! Many of my clients report a real reduction in their stress levels by using this. One client even nips into the ladies’ room at her office when a big meeting is approaching and she is able to navigate the challenges of the meetings with much more ease and much less stress than ever before.

If you need any assistance in learning to navigate the stressful moments in your life, don’t hesitate to give me a call!

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3 thoughts on “A Simple Exercise to Change Your Stress Level

  1. Jesse 9027

    Thanks, Pauline! When you consider that we are created in water and our earliest evolution began in water, it only makes sense that water is a wonderful grounding force for destressing.

    Thanks for your comments!

  2. Psychic Pauline

    Great article, Jesse, and it comes at the perfect time!

    With Mercury and Pluto both being in retrograde now, stress levels are running very high. I agree with you about meditating in water. When my body is in water, my guides begin to deliver tons of information to me without my having to ask. Water is very cleansing and connected to the spirit so it is a perfect combination.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful exercise.


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