Should You Trust Your Intuition?

Gut Instincts

We are told that if we want to have success we need to trust our gut or go with our gut instincts. What this really means and that we should use intuition. But if you’ve ever taken this advice, you might have failed, making you feel like your intuition isn’t trustworthy. Well, what does trusting your gut even mean, anyway?

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Your Chakras and Your Gut

Our energetic bodies have seven major chakras. A chakra is just basically an information center that holds all of your information about a specific area of your life. For example, the first chakra, located at the base of the spine, holds all of your information about survival, and what it takes to survive in a body. Your seventh chakra, at the crown of your head, is your access point for your highest spiritual information and is your place to really just be still and know. So where does your gut come into all of this?

Well, your second chakra is about two inches below your navel, i.e. your gut! Your second chakra is the energy center that holds all of your information about your sexuality, sensuality, emotions, and your clairsentience, which is feeling the emotions of others. This little guy is great. If you listen to your second chakra, you can certainly get a ton of wonderful information about yourself, and what’s happening in your life. But, it’s important that you listen to your gut.

Your Emotions and Your Second Chakra

Many times when we have an emotion and our first reaction is to let it take over. However, this is not always the best thing. We have seven chakras for a reason. Each is a vital piece of information about ourselves and our lives. If we let one chakra set the energy for our entire spiritual (and physical) body, we are definitely not going to get a full scope of what is actually happening with us, and it creates a space in which we are stuck. For example, if we walk on stage at a show and let our energy be set by fear, we will not be able to perform. If we are talking to a loved one and they say something that makes us angry and we let that anger have seniority, the conversation is not going to get very far.

The great thing about your second chakra telling you that you are scared or angry is that you then get to ask it why. What is the thing that makes us so scared or angry? Why is it that every time we see a certain picture it makes us sad? Why is it that whenever we go to a certain place, we feel peaceful?

I wish I had a general answer to those questions, but it’s really a case-by-case basis. Sometimes it’s something from a past life. Sometimes it’s something that happened in childhood. And, sometimes you’ll look at it and go, “Hey! That’s not even my belief at all!”, and realize that you took it on for some one else as a way to heal them. The great thing about this is that it is not the end of the world. It is new and wonderful information that will help us to learn the best way to grow.

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    Good Evening Marie, I had sent you a picture of me, from a few days ago, I sent it in 9/12 enploeve but was returned not enough postage, it is on the way now.I’m not interested in Patrick Guerin,but thank him anyway for me, I have your picture in my wallet now,thanks, you are amazing, I’ve got alot to read, and will be writing you soon, Thanks, my Dear Friend, Yours,Bob

  2. -quinn ext.5484

    dear adam,
    welcome fellow blogger. love the article. and the second chakra.
    it is the Qi or Chi. or balance point. so when we are feeling off balance that second chakra gives us a place to start to figure out why. certainly when you are off balance your whole body, mind and spirit are affected.
    to find your center put your index finger in your belly-button and the middle finger will land exactly on your second chakra-Qi.
    im looking forward to your next article.
    with metta,


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