How to Know if You’re Going Through a Transition

Shift Happens

We all go through times in life when we feel stagnate or directionless. I get hit with this at least three times a year, and, sometimes, it lasts much longer than my comfort zone allows. I also know what it’s like to feel as though nothing seems to change, especially when I felt like change was my only hope for happiness.

When we want something, we want it now. The waiting game can sometimes be the catalyst in weakening our spirits. Having faith in the possibility that change is right around the corner seems like a daunting task, and some may even believe that dealing with the Universe is simply a waste of time.

Throughout my spiritual journey, I’ve learned that in order to get from point A (disbelief) to point B (achieving your goal) you must understand how the Universe works. A transitional phase is the time when the Universe is working behind “the black curtain.” These phases can last anywhere between three and six months, depending on the person going through it. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

Some information may not be accessed psychically during this time. The black curtain shields us from making any life-altering decisions that could affect our spiritual blueprint (the path created before we were born) or the current life path in a negative manner.

There are different phases we may go through while transitioning. The most common are spiritual growth, career or financial changes, ending/beginning a relationship, residential moves and becoming a parent (adoption counts).

The mental prep mode is a phase we go through at the beginning of a new transition. One may experience different feelings that appear to be alarming at first. The most common symptoms include confusion about your life direction, experiencing strange moodiness, obsessively dwelling about a situation and second-guessing yourself when you’re normally confident in your choices. Having random “freak-outs” is also an indication you are about to experience this spiritual shift.

The physical prep mode phase is the time when we’re taking action to achieve our goals. You may notice an immediate need to discard things or people in your life that doesn’t match your vibe. Your intuition may suddenly become stronger, and some of your “little” psychic predictions start coming to fruition on time. There’s a strong desire to break unhealthy habits such as overeating or smoking. You may also feel a positive upswing with your self-confidence and start attracting people who make you happy!

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4 thoughts on “How to Know if You’re Going Through a Transition

  1. jacqueline

    l have noticed that it seems am going through a transit, as you have just explained. how do l go about it, if its my time, l need help to achieve my goals, and to promote positive transformation in my life, and gifts hidden in me and the change l have since felt l need. physic priscilla ext 5637. hop to find the change through this transit through your advice.

    thanks will await your response

  2. Robin Bednarczyk

    I must be getting ready for a transition because I have NO IDEA what I’m suppose to be doing in my life right now, I just know I’ve BEEN looking for a change in EVERYTHING, but the motivation hasn’t been there to actually change it. I DO WISH that it would hurry up though!


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