Shield Yourself From Negativity

Gina in Kingston writes:

I have been practicing Gnostic meditation particularly to counter stressful situations in my job that happen on a daily basis. My question is when dealing with angry people who make demands of me, how do I deal with them without getting angry and keep myself protected from their negativity?

Psychic Marin ext. 5113 responds:

Everyone can benefit from psychic protection, not only healers and those involved in the psychic arts, but those with more mainstream careers like teachers, doctors, and customer service representatives. Additionally, people sensitive to surrounding energies and emotions will find themselves less influenced when their psychic shield of protection is up.

Protection rituals can be used both for prevention and for the occasional need for protection during a specific situation that simply won’t resolve itself in the normal course of action. Psychic protection is easy to create and can be done in a moment’s notice without any fancy tools. Get ready to manifest your own psychic shield with this exercise that takes merely seconds to perform.

1. Begin by visualizing the “essential you” that is the soul or core of your existence.

2. Mentally put on a thick cloak or robe. It can be of your color choice, but traditionally black is used for protection, as it absorbs, or you can visualize a white robe, which is used for reflection.

3. Now imagine that your robe has become an impenetrable shield. It is brilliantly repelling any potential negativity that you may encounter, whether it’s a customer yelling at you or an argument with your partner.

4. Imagine the robe protecting you so securely that you remain clear and unaffected by the negative energy around you. When the negative energy is reflected in this manner, it is often “returned to sender” and the sender will become aware of their own negative actions or intentions, putting an end to arguments or harsh words.

5. The stronger the visualization, the stronger the protection. You may wish to begin with a soft cloth robe that is capable of evolving into a shield of armor when necessary.

6. You may chose to add prayer, thereby communicating your specific request of protection to the divine.

Now that you know this simple technique, imagine the endless possibilities for performing protection magick:

1. Engulf your house in a protective blanket before you leave for a vacation to keep your home safe from theft or fire hazards.

2. Surround yourself with a protective armor as you head out onto the field to keep yourself safe during physical contact sports.

3. Send a healing protective barrier to a loved one who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction to help them resist temptation.

4. Each time you put your keys into your car’s ignition, create a safe shield for traveling around your vehicle.

5. Worried about your child, who is away at summer camp or school? Meditate on a photograph of them and surround them with a protection robe.

6. Have a relative on active duty in the military? Visualize them wearing their government issued uniform, or fatigues, and see that attire as a protective barrier, repelling enemy fire.

How will you put a psychic shield of protection to use?


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