Self-Improvement is a Journey

Self Improvement Journey

How Far Along Are You on Your Self-Improvement Journey?

Self-improvement is a journey. That’s because we are spiritual and enlightened beings, complex and unique in our design. And as we age, we are constantly changing and rearranging our lives for the better. Or at least, we should be! But that isn’t always easy. Just know that you were the strongest swimmer in your bunch and that you came here with a purpose to do for others and yourself. You have the chance to make the best choices for yourself, and if you make mistakes you can start over again and again.

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Doubt and Change

The journey is all about getting there. If you remember that, you will feel confident. Often, we want to make changes for the better, but doubt creeps into our thinking and feelings. Just let go and know that your life is going to change. Changing your thoughts changes everything! You will become stronger as your mind changes. So think positive, reboot your self-worth and take your self-improvement up a notch.


Let go of anger and hate so you grow into the changes you’re making. Once you make a few changes you will want to change even more about your life. It’s about loving yourself, and while life may be a rough ride, loving yourself is the life path the universe has planned for you from the beginning.


Your emotions play a huge role in self-improvement. Don’t let out-of-control emotions control you. Getting to know you emotions is the key to controlling them. The mind is an amazing tool if you learn how to use it to your benefit. Your past is a textbook of emotions. Don’t forget to look back on it from time to time to see how far you’ve come.


To love means forgiving, and sometimes people get stuck not being able to forgive a family member, ex, friend or coworker. Emotions in relationships often get stuck on “Replay,” but it is not healthy to be angry at anyone for a long period of time. If they’ve hurt you and you don’t want to forgive them, consider removing yourself from their company. Never stay in abusive situations, even if the abuser is family. Move on, but don’t hold onto them with anger. Don’t give someone else that power over you. Forgiveness is self-improvement.

You are From the Stars

Self-improvement is one step at a time. The more self-esteem and confidence you have, the less room there is for anger. Remember, you are from the stars. Your energy glows. You are unique and you overcome situations. Whatever path you choose to take, take one step and then another at your pace and you will be helping yourself grow.

Never lose sight of your journey on this planet!

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2 thoughts on “Self-Improvement is a Journey

  1. Faith

    Life has many setbacks. The best bet is to work on taking control over your thoughts. I am struggling with this myself. Everytime there is a bad thought, tell it no, I will not believe it or I will not do it. Very Very hard. Give God control over your life and let him lead you. It is not in our timing things good happen but only his. God is good and only good. This world is full of sin and the sin of others. We have the choice to go one way or the other. Take control of the good choices!!!!! Good luck with everything and God bless you!!!!!

  2. Dan

    I don’t have a real sense of control on my happiness or grief. I just wake up each day hoping that day is better than the one before. If something goes terribly wrong in my universe then it can consume my mind for a good while. Even solutions are difficult if it means escaping someone who has hurt me. Only time really helps dissipate the dread. I take my meds, attend my support group meetings, but I think I just need to find my purpose before I can rest. That’s daily life.


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