Science Can Tell What You’re Dreaming

Christopher Nolan’s film Inception is currently storming the box office. An action movie about dreams, Inception has raised the awareness of many as to the nature of dreams and dreaming. The film’s characters enter the dreams of others… and it turns out that science is coming close to achieving the same thing.

Neatorama reports:

In Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest movie Inception, characters can enter other people’s dreams – in reality, science isn’t that far behind:

In one experiment, for example, researchers wired up a sleeper and connected him to a robot that was programmed to act out the motions of the dreamer. For example, the robot used data about the dreamer’s eye position to know in which direction to look.

Brain waves can be studied and translated into actions – for example, brain imaging technology can tell whether a person is having a nightmare or dreaming about flying, Barrett said.

What do you think – will science ever be able to fully understand dreams?

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One thought on “Science Can Tell What You’re Dreaming

  1. chloechloe

    Science can do so many wonderful thing but I doubt empirical scientific data will ever be able to unlock the mystery that is our dreams. When I do dream interpretation I tap into so many ancient cultures and traditions; Native American Shaman-ism, Greek and Roman mythology, different religions, the writings of Carl Jung. Every human being on the planet dreams as does every mammal. It is truly a universal function, something we share with everyone and yet, the individual meanings of our dreams can still be so illusive; which I just find so fascinating.

    Happy dreams!

    ~Chloe ext 9421


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