Resolve to Stop Neglecting Yourself in 2016

Stop Neglecting Yourself in 2016

You Get More Than One Fresh Start a Year

What’s so special about New Year’s Day? Nothing really. It’s an arbitrary date and celebrating on this day is human custom for those of us in the west who follow the Gregorian calendar. But different cultures celebrate different new years. For example, Chinese New Year happens between January and February, based on the lunar calendar. India and several other eastern countries celebrate in April, while the Jewish New Year is in September or October. Regardless of which date is used, the themes all these celebrations share are renewal, luck, prosperity and health.

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Setting Yourself Up to Fail

In the west, we have a longstanding tradition of making resolutions. Many of us resolve to lose weight, go to the gym more often, stop smoking (drinking or cussing), or just vow to be more positive. Personally, I no longer make resolutions because I feel like I am just setting myself up to fail. It may sound cynical, but vows made under the influence of champagne and fireworks are often broken under the demands of day-to-day life.

Life Gets in the Way

We always start off enthusiastic and determined. But when life gets in the way and we don’t fulfill our resolutions, we feel like failures and beat ourselves up emotionally. Well, feeling like a failure doesn’t make you a failure. You aren’t weak-willed. However, you are neglecting yourself.

You Neglect Your Needs

How often do you give into your own needs, hopes and dreams? If you’re a woman, and especially if you’re a working mom, chances are you neglect yourself quite often. In every culture around the world, women are conditioned by society to take care of everyone else and put other people first. Self-neglect is deemed noble, why self-care and self-fulfillment are considered narcissistic. Do you ever feel guilty for wanting time to yourself? Do you feel even more guilty when you actually take it?

Stress Leads to Bad Habits

It’s easier to care for ourselves when there’s nothing that gets in the way. But, the second something does, self-care goes out the window. We abandon our plans for whatever someone else is demanding of us. The irony is that if we don’t take care of ourselves, we will have very little to give to others. And the ongoing stress of trying to meet the demands of others contributes to the bad habits we have resolved to quit in the first place.

Take Better Care of Yourself

So instead of having a specific New Year’s resolution, I recommend taking a more general approach. Get to the root of why you fail to make your resolutions happen every year and resolve to take better care of yourself. Make 2016 the year you consider your own needs. Learn to be as kind to yourself as you are to others. This goal may be challenging, but it is certainly realistic.

You Get More Than One Fresh Start

If you can manage to do this one thing, you will be able to devote more time and energy to accomplishing your specific goals. Take the first step today and if you feel like you’re failing, don’t worry. You don’t have to wait another year to try again. Tomorrow is a new day and another fresh start.

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2 thoughts on “Resolve to Stop Neglecting Yourself in 2016

  1. sapna

    Hi ,as you have mentioned India in your article the New year for us is the day of Diwali as we start our New year and business accounts ,As you have mentioned India and several other eastern countries celebrate in April.Thanks sapna

  2. Kallista, ext. 9623

    What a kind and loving article you’ve written, Arwen. You really do get to the heart of the matter. Nice work! 🙂


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