4 Ways to Reclaim Your Independence

Feeling co-dependent in love? You’re not alone. The downside to any duo is a tendency to forget that two ones make a right! Here are four ways to put the YOU back in YOUR relationship!

Fulfill Your Own Needs

Yes, it’s nice to count on someone else sometimes, but when you count on them all the time, you’re bound to be let down – and resentful! Instead of waiting for your girlfriend to cook you dinner or your guy to change a bulb, do a few (unexpected) things for yourself sometimes.

Reclaim Your Interests

If you’re feeling stifled, set aside some time once a week and reclaim an old hobby… or take up something new you’ve always wanted to try. No partners allowed!

Foster Friendships

Sometimes we think that because we’re paired up, we don’t need friends. Nothing could be further from the truth! Without a circle of people around to spend time with, any twosome will get tired.

Dedicate Yourself to Your Own Growth

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your spiritual, intellectual and/or emotional development is done now that you’re settled down. Put some time into yourself and the ways you want to grow… you and your relationship will benefit!

What are some ways that you can declare independence for yourself?

7 thoughts on “4 Ways to Reclaim Your Independence

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  3. nessa

    I can’t see a way out. I am trapped and can’t see a way forward. How can I move forward when I have an immovable object weighing me down? How do I turn from being down trodden to an independent and valued individual? How did I get here in the first place? I am so sad, yet on the outside looking in most people think I have it all, yet I have nothing. How do I change where I am?


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  5. nigel

    If you are dependent on someone other than yourself you have lost the true key to happiness. Happiness cannot be given to us or created for us by anyone except ourself. Sharring your independence with someone you care about can be very rewarding. If you have doubts then talk to someone that can help. Nigel 5311

  6. misskrystalmisskrystal

    we will all face moments in our life when we feel alone….there is no escape…we will all face it from time to time…the more we know how to enterain ourself, the more independent and secure we will feel.
    really like these tips.
    miss krystal

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    This article raises an excellent point which is this : even AFTER you have found the love interest and are with that person, you still have to continue to walk your own individual Karmic path.

    You entered into this incarnation as an individual soul, on a very unique and individual journey. And while it may seem a romantic notion to journey thru time with another soul , it simply doesn’t work quite that way.

    One thing I did learn in crossing over twice is this : you come in this world alone and you are going out the same way!

    So…be happy in love yes, by all means……but don’t stunt your own Karmic growth in the process.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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