Read Your Own Tea Leaves!

The mystical, soothing aura of tea has propelled this centuries old drink to be the second most commonly consumed beverage in the world – right behind water. And rightfully so! In recent years, numerous studies have been conducted showing that the antioxidants found in teas can aid in reducing cardiovascular disease, preventing cancer and improving overall immune system health.

But tea is more than just a wonder tonic – it can also aid in stress relieving meditation – and psychic readings!

Reading tea leaves
A tea leaf reading, known as Tasseography, is an age old practice of divination in which a person’s future is foretold based on gazing at and interpreting the shapes formed by used tea leaves. While the processes vary from culture to culture and person to person, the first step is to put a pinch of tea leaves into a cup and pour boiling water over them. After steeping and drinking the tea (leave just a little bit of liquid), swirl the cup three times from
left to right. Then turn the cup upside down over the saucer allowing the water to drain.

When you then gaze into the cup, you’ll notice that the leaves clinging to the sides form different shapes. Where they are in the cup determines when they will happen with the rim being the present, the side being the near future. The bottom of the cup is the distant future. The shapes that you see and their placement make up your reading. Some of the most common symbols are listed below:

An acorn means prosperity or good health.
Birds mean good news or a journey.
A cat signals deception or a false friend.
A chain symbolizes an engagement or wedding.
A crescent moon means prosperity or good fortune.
An eye means caution.
A fish signals good fortune.
A forked line means there is a decision to be made.
A heart represents pleasures and love.
A knife symbolizes a broken friendship.
A straight line means progress whereas a wavy line signals an uncertain path.
A snake can mean either an enemy or wisdom.
A spider is a reward for work.
A tower symbolizes disappointment.
Wings represent messages.

If you need more information, ask one of our gifted psychics.

6 thoughts on “Read Your Own Tea Leaves!

  1. Scarlett

    Recently, a friend was having a beer at a pub with a gentleman interested in her, but married.
    She looked into the foam and there was a perfect image of a skull!
    I read tea leaves, and skulls represent trouble in one’s path. However, with this particular girl, skulls, skeletons, and other symbols of death and trouble are part of her wardrobe, and she is a “goth” so any thoughts?

  2. Ariel X9775

    Reading the tea leaves is similar to reading tarot cards, or Angel cards. It is another vehicle towards the same end. As a tea-leaf reader myself, I never read one symbol alone, everything exists relative to everything else~~just like in real life~! The only difference in reading the leaves (which I luv) is that I frequently get words or letters within the cup or saucer.

  3. VileBear

    Wow! I’ve always enjoyed tea but never thought much about what the shapes the leaves make mean.
    Great informative article!


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