Psychic Yemaya: Create Your Dream Board

Attract What You Want!

Creating dream boards is a topic that is dear to my heart. It’s a part of my own process every year, and one I use with my clients and students year round! Creating and using a dream board is a healthy way to manifest what you dream of having, a way to create the pull or magnetic attraction needed as well as a healthy tool to visually remind yourself of your goals and keep yourself on track!

Begin to Envision Your Dream Board

I start with a meditation, a notepad and turn to the Divine to guide me. If you have trouble, call me. I like to ask for images and guidance. “What is it that I need to focus on doing in the next year (or for the next 1, 3, or 6 months, etc)?” Let your mind freely flow over all the things you would like to “pull in” to your life in that period of time. Is it more money, a car, love, more singing or more cooking? Make a note of at least three things and no more than seven if you can. Are you stuck with how to make your dreams a reality. Psychic Yemaya can help. Call her today!

Gather Your Tools to Create Your Dream Board

You’ll need a stack of magazines or access to the Internet and a printer, as well as any images, stickers, drawings or small items that represent what you want. For example: if you want to cook more, get a tiny frying pan from the miniature section of your hobby store. Get poster board. I like 20 inches by 24 inches. Use scissors, glue, colored pens, yarn or glitter. Let your arts and crafts inner child come out and play!

Create a Good Ambiance

If you really want to go deeply into a meditative trance while creating the board, create a good ambiance with the right music and perhaps a nice offering to your ancestors (a plate of her favorite cookies in front of Grandma’s picture?).

Design Your Dream Board

Now what was the strongest image of what you want to pull into your life? That should be front and center, and perhaps bigger than the others. I like to cut out pictures or pull up images on the Internet that will also support that creation. Some use goddess images, Mother Mary, archangels, pictures of pet(s), children, loved ones or the tools that will help to actually get what you dream of.

I had a client who wanted love. On her dream board, she painted a large heart and then ran red yarn from it to an ad for online dating site she cut out. She added a low-fat cookbook cover that she used the printer to shrink down, the words “I love myself” in beautiful script, a picture of a hairdo she wanted to get and then words in blue that described her future love relationship. That was all she did. She is happily married now! So let your intuition guide you! Use the glitter, yarn and pens to decorate or connect images.

Show Off Your Dream Board

Now place it up where you will see it every day or evening and meditate on it when you can. When the time limit you placed on it is over, take it down and create a new one. You can save it. I like to burn mine, and let the smoke carry any leftover dreams to the universe to let it know I’m still working on it.

3 thoughts on “Psychic Yemaya: Create Your Dream Board

  1. gary

    A dream board…love it! Although I don’t have a physical one, I definitely have a mind sight one. For now I am staying near my aging parents which is where my spirit guide has me. In the mean time my dreams have me serching for that speacial lady to stand beside me when my dreams come through. What are they? Travel, adventure, and exploying in an RV!* The gypsy in me…

  2. Hassiba x5818

    Great article! I’ve been using dream boards for years. Not only are they fun to create, but they really do work. =)


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