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Your Book of Shadows

A Book of Shadows is a journal and method of record keeping which documents your spiritual journey as a Wiccan. Also known as a grimoire, “Book of Shadows” is a fancy term that was created in the 1950s by Gerald Gardner, the “Father of Wicca.” Some have offered suggestions as to how this name was derived. Was it that spiritual writings, recorded in secrecy in the evening, required candle light or moon light, which would cast a shadow on the pages as the author wrote their entries? Or is it more synonymous with the concept of Freud’s term “the shadow side,” the dark side of the human personality?

Traditionally, in covens and pagan circles, a sacred “Book of Shadows” did not exist. Information was passed on from generation to generation through oral tradition. As illiteracy was an issue, and because of the sensitive nature of the information, it was preferred to eliminate any paper trail or record of heathen and punishable practices. Over time, spiritual records were created and discretely maintained. It was customary to pass information onto the next generation, but the book itself, would be burned upon the death of its owner.

A modern day Book of Shadows serves as a reference, a guide, a journal, and means of record-keeping. Within its pages you can keep details and records of emotions pertaining to anything you may deem notable as having an impact on your spiritual growth. There are no specific rules, there are no laws, and no size or specifics as to the appearance of the book itself. In creating your book, take practicality into consideration. If you are planning on keeping this book for several years, you may want to consider a three-ring binder or binding system that allows you to add pages. Bound leather books are beautiful, but may have limitations as to how much information you can keep secured in one place.

Some of the noteworthy, and traditional material most commonly inscribed in a Book of Shadows is as follows:

– A dedication page (inscribing the date, and your spiritual commitment. What you hope to learn, how you hope to grow).
– Personal astrological information, including natal charts and horoscope records.
– Dreams
– Magickal Calendar (Esbats, Sabbats, Holy Days, lunar cycles).
– Rituals (Including details of the event and any emotional reflections).
– Tools (Keep records on your magick tools, their purposes, connections to the elements, and their use).
– Lunar Cycles (Full Moon and New Moon), as well as any other lunar rituals (dark moon, waxing moon, waning moon, quarter moons). You can also include notes for lunar rituals you might want to do in the future.
– Prayers (These can be your own prayers, prayers you find inspiring, or any combination).
– Records of divination (tarot, oracle, pendulum, scrying).
– Spells casted and the results.
– Wisdom (You may include wisdom you receive from visions, from power animals, elders, from spirit guides, from dreams, from friends, from rituals, from books, even from school or your parents).
– Magickal Information (This is the good stuff!) Magickal information including spells, recipes, potions, oils, brews, incense, ointments, inks, tinctures, herb baths, bath salts, ritual soaps, sachets, powders, gems, crystals, candles, talismans, sigils, charms, magickal alphabets, and elements.

You don’t have to be part of a coven or group, or be on one direct path in order to create a Book of Shadows. Though the term generally is used amongst Wiccans, anyone of any path can create and use a Book of Shadows. A practitioner does not have to be creative or even good at writing in order to create their book and best of all… there is no deadline for completion so don’t worry if you tend to cringe at the idea of journal keeping.

So whether you have a clear-cut spiritual path as a Wiccan, think you travel many paths, or have no idea which path you’re on, a Book of Shadows will help you along your path by keep your thoughts and information you gather in one place.

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