Psychic Workout: How to Prepare for 2012?

2012: Hype, Crisis or Spiritual Revelation?

Will December 21, 2012 come and pass, as did the stroke of midnight of the year 2000, and the recent doomsday prediction of May 21, 2011? Or will 2012 actually mark the end of the world?

With all the hype surrounding these Judgment Day predictions including turmoil and catastrophes, perhaps the single most important question we should be asking is “How can I prepare for 2012?” But how does one prepare for 2012 when you don’t “really” know what’s going to occur?

Maybe the great shift is not as apparent in the physical restructuring of the world, but in the restructuring of our consciousness. Can it be that the hysteria alone and the fear behind the unknown changes is actually offering us, the world, an opportunity to unite? When individuals empower themselves, it’s a contagious emotion. Children will become empowered, schools, families, communities… Soon there will become a global connection and a feeling of wanting to help ourselves as opposed to waiting for something to save us.

To prepare for 2012, simply select one area of focus to aid with the global rebirth of our consciousness. What good deed or lifestyle change will you commit to in order to contribute to a better 2013? Will it be a return to spirituality for you? Will you volunteer to assist in environmental protection? Ocean and beach clean-up or planting trees? Recycling? Will your efforts be better served in politics or minimizing government spending? Transforming war efforts and military? Volunteer at your child’s school and offer to share your personal talents and skills with the class. Or if public activism is too intimidating, why not begin your transformation at home? Put your house in order by paying off debts and resisting the need for accumulation and unnecessary possessions. Make a vow for one year to make purchases based off of “need,” rather than emotional “wants.” Imagine the world acting in a collaborative effort, because you’re committed to taking action with the issues that truly speak to you!

What would be wrong in believing that the Maya did understand the difficulties we would be encountering in 2012, economically and environmentally, and that we would turn (or should I say “Re-turn”) to a higher power in order to survive. Rather than being quick to snub the theories, recognize what this opportunity means for us globally: A point in time where our universal fears allow us to unite during our cataclysm.

The great shift of 2012 is waiting for us to prepare. If we take the appropriate steps now to shift our consciousness, perhaps the global catastrophes will be minimized if we have already gotten the message.

“If you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself, and then make a change.” – Michael Jackson, “Man in the Mirror”

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2 thoughts on “Psychic Workout: How to Prepare for 2012?

  1. misskrystalmisskrystal

    Thanks, Marin. This is a very nice perspective on the coming of this new era. I don’t fear it..
    My faith is in God and the universe, I truly believe we will all become more spiritual during this time.
    Huggies, hope you are having a nice summer. Thanks again, for all the nice articles you post.
    Sincerely, Miss Krystal


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