Psychic Teagan: What Are Your True Feelings?

3 Important Steps to Understanding Your True Feelings

Knowing what you are feeling opens the door to making major decisions, invites wisdom, creativity and helps clarify your own intuition. In order to know how to address our inner most private feelings we must first understand the five major core feelings. We must identify where they are, what they mean and how they can assist you in your decision process. Much like the ocean, our feelings tend to ebb and flow through us like waves, usually lasting only a couple of minutes.

Implement these three easy steps to understanding your truth:

1. Know your feelings.

2. Recognize where your feelings are.

3. Keep track of your feelings and record them.

Major Core Feelings

Fear: Fear often starts in the belly and moves upward. It feels like butterflies and can make us nauseous. Recognizing fear is important to our well-being as it gives us information which keeps us safe.

Sadness: Sadness often begins in the chest and moves upward through the throat and hen up to the eyes. When we are sad we say we feel “choked up” or our “heart hurts.” Crying has often been frowned upon as if it shows others a loss of control or weakness. So we often hold back our tears. Crying actually releases the toxins in our body and can be one of the most cleansing experiences.

Anger: Anger can be found literally creeping up our backs, between our shoulder blades, along the back of the neck and around the sides of the jaws. Anger is the “no trespass” emotion and assists us in creating healthy boundaries. Healthy anger can helps us “Just say NO” to things that do not serve us.

Sexual: Sexual feelings are one of the five core emotions that society has placed much judgment and opinion on. Sexual energy is nothing more than energy flowing through certain parts of our bodies. It is possible to feel sexual feelings and to enjoy them without acting on them.

Joy: Joy is the last of the five major emotions. Joy is often felt in the chest and can at times catch us by surprise, traveling to our eyes and creating tears of joy. Joy can radiate outward more than simply moving upward. You might hear friends and family tell you that you are glowing or look brighter. This is joy finding its way up and out of your body, completely manifesting itself through your outer beauty. Experiencing joy requires you to be willing to feel fear, sadness, anger, and sexual feelings they are all connected and significant to one another.

Now that you know the physical presence of feelings, dedicate a daily calendar on your phone, computer or personal journal to mark down your feelings daily with 5 being the Best and 1 being your Lowest. After a month of recording your feelings, you should be able to recognize what emotions/feelings you are dealing with and that should assist you in your decision-making. Was it just a “bad” day? Where you off kilter just a bit? Or is it truly time to make serious changes in your life?

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