Psychic Tajah: The Importance of Having Inner Peace

In these times of hectic schedules and constant activity, how can we maintain a level of inner peace? Is it possible to shut out the unnecessary mental/emotional stuff?

Yes, it is possible.

But you have to be diligent in your pursuit for inner peace and finding that sacred space. Inner peace and sacred space are mostly about your awareness. You have probably experienced awareness while doing the most mundane activities, such as walking, driving, or listening to music. Moments of fleeting calm—that’s inner peace—and you just found it in your personal sacred space. Are you struggling with your inner self and finding peace in your life; call one of our psychics to help you on your spiritual journey.

During my many years of practicing yoga and meditation, I and my fellow students looked for peaceful places, like the beach, a park, or a quiet room. I learned from my guru firsthand that sometimes planning for that sacred moment was more spontaneous and improvisational than I expected it to be . Guruji would say, “Watch your breath and just go within. You will find your peace!” This attitude allowed him to remain very tranquil under stressful circumstances.

I began to play with the idea. I found it works quite well. Being a mother with small children at the time, I began to watch my breathing to create my sacred space. My children became very responsive to my inner calm. If they were crying, I’d hold them and slow down my breathing. Their reaction was quick and surprisingly apparent. This technique also yielded other gifts—disciplinary issues became less, and the children began to learn more quickly.

When seeking your sacred space, first began to observe your breathe. This may sound odd, but if you place your attention on breathing you will find that is varies. If you’re tense and stressed, your breathe will be shallow, and a bit quick. When relaxed,  it will be deep and slower.

Inhale for a count of eight, hold for 10, then exhale for eight. Inhale through your nostrils and you may exhale through your slightly open mouth if you’d like. This little exercise can be done anywhere, anytime, and around anyone. Others may never know what you’re doing. You will find that you have created a peaceful niche for yourself, or a “sacred space.”

When I was working in the broadcast industry (which is usually very stressful) I would practice this technique before going, on the air. It was odd that almost everyone I worked with loved to be in my office. The sacred space gave serenity to most everyone.

I use it to “connect” with my clients when I read. As you will note the opening line of my bio. is, “Relax take a deep breathe and exhale.” By releasing your breathe, you create a sacred space that we will share. By letting go of your tension and pressure, the reader is better able to tap in and see what lays ahead for you.

So the next time you feel a need for inner peace and to create a sacred space, try it, you’ll like it. While at your desk, observe your breathe, when shopping, while watching television, or taking a bath.

In time, you will discover that arriving at that space is very easy and immediate. Your life will become much more empowered, fulfilling and confident. If you can control yourself, you can control your universe!

Be Well! Be Happy!

6 thoughts on “Psychic Tajah: The Importance of Having Inner Peace

  1. Aliza Ex.5844

    Tajah, thank you so much for this amazing article! It is so informative yet simple. Beautifully written! Blessings, Aliza Ex.5844

  2. Therea

    Inner peace is something I have struggled with my whole life. I never really got a chance during my chaotic up-bringing to practice,or know when I had reached “Inner Peace.” Now I find myself questioning and wanting to do more research on this topic. is there anything you might suggest where I should start on my quest for finding my “Inner Peace”? Thank you for your time.

  3. Lisa

    What a wonderful and soothing piece of writing Tajah! Thank you, we do need reminders…and if we can find the inner Peace,
    we can dance with Life! And LOL lots more, everyone benefits! Very grateful you wrote this-and I happened upon it… 😉

  4. C.Wright.Thru.U.

    Infinite and Eternal Divine Blessings to you and all.

    Clear. Concise. Easy. This/That’s why I love Spirit!

    Divine Gratitude, Appreciation, Joy, Love, Peace, Healing, Wellness, Wealth, Freedom, Success, Light, Ascension, Beauty, to you (goddess) and all.


  5. Irene Van Fossen

    I spoke to Nicholena (X5671) this afternoon. After having a reading 11 months ago that was less than helpful, this reading was awesome. I enjoyed it a lot and hope to talk to her again soon. Thank you Nicholena!


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