Psychic Rose Mary: 3 Steps to Solve Problems With Your Gut

You Already Know the Solution

“The first thing, no matter what the problems is the solution is the same.” Psychic Rose Mary ext. 9549 started off our interview with such an intriguing statement. “Whatever the issue is it’s an extension of you not feeling good about yourself. It will manifest itself at your job, in love and it’s somewhere inside of you.” It sort of reminded me about the rule of abundance (which my mother repeated to me every time I wanted something new), “You already have everything you need.” Here are the steps to take to find the solution.

Step 1: You’re Not Perfect, But You’re Courageous

So I asked Rose Mary, how do we find the courage to find the solution within our self? She replied, “You can’t go where you’re not ready to go. You have to acknowledge that you’re not perfect, not perfect in the way the world tells you. But you’re perfect based on you got here.”

Step 2: Get Away from the Issue

Rose Mary said that putting physical distance between you and the problem (or the person) will help you get connected to the solution. The trick is to notice your breathing. If you’re breathing up in your chest, chances are your angry, nervous and anxious pushing your mind off center. She recommends taking a few deep breaths. By breathing slowly, yoga teaches us, you can slow down your mind, emotions and nervous system. Literally, you will think more clearly because of it.

Step 3: What’s Really Bothering You?

So the person ticked you off, annoyed you or the situation is out of your control, and that irritates you, makes you sad and so on. Stop what you’re doing and try this. Rose Mary says to “…tie those issues to where you’re coming from. What is it that you actually want right now? What is your goal? What is lacking in your life? What is it that this situation truly represents for you? Once you can calmly answer those questions, solutions start to bubble up.

Rose Mary went on to say, “Do as much as you want to solve the problem, and then sit back. Let go of the resistance and just receive. We get so caught up in the issue that we can’t see the solution, because we’re not willing or ready to receive. Inherent in your question is the answer. It is in you.”

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3 thoughts on “Psychic Rose Mary: 3 Steps to Solve Problems With Your Gut

  1. marcia cepe

    RoseMary I am so angry, confused and bitter I cannot see solutions and seek answers to problems in my life that gives me constant pain and sorrows I need to look around for help outside my own guts. Maybe you can help but I don’t know how to start.

  2. Barbara

    I am going through a divorce afater a wonderful marriage of 33 years. The divorce nis not over and is in it 3rd year. Please tell me how to step away before it drives me crazy.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Nice read, Rosemary

    I agree, it’s important to step away from the problem #2, ( and the ego ) and view it objectively.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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