Psychic Regina: Build Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

I Work With Your Guides

When I read for anyone, my goal is to let spirit take the lead. This way, your reading will be 100% unique to you. I begin by calling in you’re guides and angels and asking them your questions. My readings are not about me as the psychic. They are about you connecting with your guides and that perfect, divine wisdom that knows exactly how to help you at this moment in your life.

I read without tools but if you feel connected to Tarot or oracle cards, I can read those as well. My readings are very to-the-point, especially since most angel guides are very to-the-point. I never waste your time but make sure you have a safe place to hear and say all you need to hear and say.

I am completely non-judgmental. Having walked a very alternative path since childhood has filled me with empathy for almost every walk of life, situation and faith. I am LGBT-, poly- and religion-friendly.

How the Right Job is Healing

I once had a wonderful client who we will call Susan. Susan was newly divorced and felt very frustrated in her quest to build a new, happy life after years of struggle with her ex. She was in a relationship with a man who would not commit to her, in a job she hated and she could not seem to get back on her feet financially. Over the course of several readings, Susan’s guides brought up the beliefs she was holding on to that were causing her to stay lonely and stuck.

Together, we consulted her guides and got her to see that her job skills were under utilized and she needed to apply for more challenging jobs. But she believed she could not get these jobs due to lack of experience. Her angels encouraged her to try networking with people in the area she wanted to work. She started to find that many of the jobs she was truly interested in had openings she was more than qualified for.

Her guides also gave her concrete, practical advice about how to deal with her current boyfriend and how to draw in someone who would share her desire for a family, marriage and home. Because Susan was constantly being left without communication and companionship, the guides had her put her boyfriend on hold for a bit and start spending her time focusing on her family and friendships. This helped her feel less lonely and when he noticed she was not available at the drop of a hat anymore, he started to actually make plans with her and follow through.

About 5 months after our first reading, Susan had gotten a job that she loved—one she would not have even applied for if her guides had not encouraged her. She was much more secure in her finances.

Best of all, she had found in herself the strength to be happy and fulfilled without her boyfriend reassuring her. When he saw the transformation in her, it inspired him to make a formal commitment to her. Though Susan later left that relationship for a soulmate connection, she had started respecting herself and because of that, her lovers began treating her with respect as well.

It took time, patience and sometimes the guides had to dig out some less-than-pretty truths. But in the end Susan was happier than she had ever been, and in the right mindset to create a better life for herself.

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