Psychic Josie: Symbolic Release Ceremonies

Let it Go Once and for All!

What are you storing in your soul? Were you teased by a classmate? Did your parents get divorced when you were young? Did you have to give up a college education for family obligations? Did the love of your life cheat on you? Most of us have fears, disappointments and trust issues stored in our souls and we need to do something to get rid of them. Psychic Josie says, “A lot of what we store in our souls causes dis-ease or disease so we have to do something to get rid of the negativity that weighs us down and keeps our vibrations low.” She suggests performing a symbolic release ceremony.

Now before some of you get freaked out and think Josie is talking about witchcraft or casting spells, she isn’t. Ceremonies play a huge part in our human lives. Think about the numerous rituals different cultures perform to celebrate events in the human life cycle, like jumping over a broom or blowing out birthday candles. We perform rituals or ceremonies to signify the beginning or the end of something—a new life or a death, for example. This isn’t magic. It’s just doing something special. According to Josie, “Doing something special to commemorate or celebrate an event gives it more depth.” A symbolic release ceremony works much in the same way—it’s something you do for yourself and something you do to change yourself.

In order to perform a symbolic release ceremony, all you need is a pen, a piece of paper and intent. Since you are performing a ceremony, you can use special paper if you’d like, but you don’t have to. These ceremonies are inexpensive. Let’s say you want to release the anger you have towards and ex. Psychic Josie says, “You don’t have to destroy anything like pictures, gifts or other things that remind you of the person who did you wrong. The destruction of something suggests anger. Instead of being angry at this person, be thankful because being with them taught you a lesson. Destroying something is hurtful.” If you are angry at someone, it means that you are letting them affect you in a negative way and since this is a release ceremony, you are freeing yourself from every negative connection you have to that person, including the anger. There are other ways of releasing anger without being destructive.

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Take your pen and paper. Think about the people who did you wrong. Sit with the pain and anger they caused you. Yes, these are negative emotions but they are the very emotions you need to release. “They scar your soul,” according to Josie. Next, she says to “Yell, scream and punch a pillow. Say what you want. Take each incident from each person on your list and express your sadness, discomfort and anger and then let it go. Say you are releasing it. It doesn’t belong to you anymore. Then cross their name off your list.” When you are done with your list, tear it, burn it or bury it. This is past baggage that you will no longer project into your future.

You should feel relief after a symbolic release ceremony. You should feel lighter and like you unburdened yourself. A lot of Josie’s clients say that after performing this kind of ceremony they don’t attract the same kind of people who hurt them before. This is because their vibrations have changed.

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You can perform a symbolic release ceremony anytime you feel the need to, but Josie recommends that the first one you perform takes you back to your childhood. After this ceremony is completed, you can do “touch-up” ceremonies as needed.

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  1. Tracy

    Thank you so much for the advice. I have a lot of anger and resentment built up inside me from my childhood and my adult life. It does hold me back from having a happy and productive life. I’m going to try this out and see if it works for me. I’ll let you know how it went. Thanks again.


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