Your Past Lives Reveal Why Change Is Difficult

Are you struggling to make changes and good choices when it comes to love, work, and well-being? Do you have some bad habits you just can’t seem to shake? Your past lives may be to blame. Here’s why.

Past Lives Don’t Always Stay in the Past

Where does a particular behavior come from? Is it learned or does it seem like instinct? Learned behaviors can certainly come from childhood, for example. However, if you can’t pinpoint a time and place where the behavior began, it may be because it didn’t originate in your current life. Yes, you’ve lived many lives before this one and elements of your past lives, including some behaviors, can follow you from lifetime to lifetime. What evidence is there that this is happening to you? Well, if you have a recurring challenge you just can’t seem to shake, that’s all the evidence you need.

A past life psychic, like Psychic Judianne, can help you discover how who you used to be influences who you currently are!

When you have recurring issues in your life, even if you’ve been working so hard to fix them, you need a past life reading. If you don’t get a past life reading, it could take you lifetimes to solve the issue at hand! How many more lifetimes do you want to deal with picking the wrong partner? How many lifetimes will it take before you finally sever karmic ties with a toxic friend or relative?

Diving Deep Into the Subconscious

As a psychic who does past life readings, it’s my job to uncover what many people consider to be the subconscious. I dive deep into your psyche and examine all your past lives. Somewhere in there is an experience that was able to mold you into the person you currently are. It has also contributed to the issues you currently face.

Fears and Roadblocks

The fears and roadblocks you’re currently experiencing could come from past lives. You may have tried everything to figure out what could be holding you back, but if nothing seems to work, a past life reading could be the solution. Not only will you learn the cause or causes of your fears and roadblocks, but you’ll also learn how to move past them.

Past Life Regression

You may have heard of past life regression. This is not the same as a past life reading. A regression includes hypnosis. You then go backward in your timeline. In a past life reading, an experienced psychic, such as myself, does this for you—no hypnosis required! I take an extrasensory voyage back in time that allows me to see, hear, and feel the people, places, and experiences of your past.

Your Previous Incarnations

A past life reading opens the doors to your previous incarnations. It shows you, in detail, the reason behind seemingly unexplainable thoughts, feelings, hobbies, and interests. It also explains what we perceive as the extremely difficult or insurmountable karmas in our current life—one bad relationship after another, one dead-end job after another, etc.

Bothering the Soul With Unlearned Lessons

So why do you have one bad relationship after another, for example? It’s possible that you were in this relationship in past lives. Why does that happen? It’s because the relationship has lessons connected to it that you have not learned yet. And the two souls connected to it want to get together again and restart the process over. Unlearned lessons bother the soul.

Why Change is Difficult

Doesn’t it seem like some people make changes easily while others do not? There’s a reason for that. Let’s say you and your friend both had the goal of training for and completing a marathon. Your friend seems to have a much easier time training than you do. Why is that? A past life psychic will say there’s a good chance it’s because you’re karmically stuck. Maybe you refuse to or can’t see the patterns that keep holding you back.

Your True Destiny

Happiness is your true destiny. You are not meant to suffer; that’s not why you’re on this earth. You’ve always existed and you always will exist—in one form or another. This journey is very important, and your life is impacted by every choice you make. It’s time to bring unresolved issues and those hidden experiences to the surface so you can make healthier choices. If you are living an unfulfilled life, it’s time to seek answers and find out why. Them disappointments and challenges you face in this life don’t have to carry over into your next life and beyond.

Love who you are, but work on your chosen path to experience the fulfillment you deserve.

Psychic Judianne

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10 thoughts on “Your Past Lives Reveal Why Change Is Difficult

  1. Bastet Ext 6694

    Hello Judianne:

    I like the way you eloquently worded how our thoughts form our physical reality with the passage, “What we think and perceive is ultimately what we believe and receive,” and I agree with you. I also believe that past lives can play a significant role in how we behave in our current lifetime, just as ancestral trauma can influence our behaviors. I believe both past lives and ancestral trauma may have a dramatic effect on our fears, confidence, self-esteem, and overall happiness. A great article and thank you for sharing.

  2. Sharon Roberts

    My life is ensembles, everything is just a Big mess ! My Financial is a mess my love life is a mess my neighbors hate me ,I just give and give until I nothing to give , Im completely being unappreciated by my boyfriend no matter what happens, need help

  3. Denisha

    Psychic Judianne,
    I love the part about; “Happiness is your true destiny. You are not meant to suffer; that’s not why you were put on this earth. ” I find this to be so true. And I think you explained this beautifully. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.


  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Excellent article, ALL of it, but I especially liked the part about ” bothering the soul with unlearned lessons ” !!!!!

    VERY true.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  5. lydia Kruger

    Hi I’m struggling to deal with my life My life us unfulfilled and I’m so unhappy Cant funs the right partner I’m in love with a guy that’s much younger then me but u want him in my life cos I love him What can i do also my finances are in big trouble How do u get out of this My children cant find their life partners so that us also holding me back I need a resolution to my problems cis I’m stuck Thx

  6. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

    Hi Judianne,
    Past life readings are so interesting. To see how karma works first hand helps a person to be positive and make good causes to produce positive effects, which we can only do while we are alive.
    Back in 1974 I had my first Tarot Past Life Reading. It was amazing and I still have the notes I took about my 5 past lives. It was amazing to find what an old soul I was – as time went on this reading has always stayed with me in my understanding of the many encounters I have experienced with the people in my life, the work I did, the work I do, my connection to animals and so much more.

    It is a wonderful thing to get a past life reading… It will change your life – bring you understanding and give you peace of mind.
    Thank you,


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