Parallel Lives, Parallel Dimensions

We recently did a Psychic Answers forum in which we asked our psychics what their opinions of past lives are, and if they believe that some of our fears in this life can actually be carried over from events in previous lives. The answers we got were profound and enlightening. One in particular, however, stuck out as touching on a completely different topic altogether, and one that may change the way you look at the idea of “past lives” altogether.

Psychic Tammy ext. 9380 explained that what we may think of as “past lives” are actually being lived simultaneously to this one – that they may, in fact, be lives that we are living at the same time as this one in other dimensions. (For the scientifically minded, this is borne out by the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Physics.) Tammy explains:

“I have come to realize that what we once thought were past lives, may actually be ourselves experiencing other dimensions simultaneously. This is mind-blowing – when we’re talking about ‘past lives,’ it may be a little different than how we normally think of ‘past’ and ‘future.’ At least some lifetimes happen simultaneously.

“I didn’t believe this theory until I started getting what I call ‘psychic bleed-throughs,’ which are akin to déjà-vu experiences. Bleed-throughs are spontaneous shifts in dimension or reality in which I can feel or see another lifetime happening at this very moment for myself or a caller. These ‘past’ lives sometimes form a type of psychic overlay with our present reality and can affect our moods, our lives, and our relationships. Several years ago, I actually passed myself driving in traffic! The ‘me’ that I saw appeared to be very poor and very downtrodden looking, yet looked identical to myself. Yes, I saw her/me with my physical eyes! She’s still out there somewhere! Now I know that there is another facet of myself living a difficult life out there. The best thing I can say about this is that with this knowledge, I can send remote healing and love to her/me in the best ways I know how – through white light and aura clearing – in the hopes of improving both lifetimes. Very strange, isn’t it?

“Our higher selves live on as the greater part of us in the other world, but our physical selves can split off into many physical dimensions, and that is apparently why I saw ‘myself’ living another life within this life. And it is why so many people feel supposedly irrational fears, and don’t know where they’re coming from. It’s not always ‘past life,’ it’s often (and most probably) a current life, a ‘bleed-through,’ that is creating the most trouble.

“Often just the realization that it is a ‘past’ life affecting us, or a life we are living in another dimension, is enough to calm our fears. If not, I recommend seeking out professionals who specialize in aura/past life clearing or past life regression.”

What do you think – is this the way things actually go down? Are we living in many dimensions at once?

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    Hi everyone!
    I am really intrigued by all your thoughts and left comments as I’ve been experiencing a lot of unfimiliar experience throughout my life from child to adult. I’ve been through near death experience to being a victim of crime where I have died and came back to life. I’m really open to what the universe has to offer and have lately been reading up on ‘parallel lives theory’ and believe I’ve been jumping too and from my past life regressions and into my future life. I’ve even spoke with an astrologer who explained to me that the reasons I am struggling and going through the things I am going through are mainly because of my past life regressions. As an adult who is taken to become some what of successful in the music industry I have noticed that my higher self has already reached the goals and dreams of my childhood and although this is exciting it is also stressful to deal with as I sit at home in my spare time in a mist of thought and give off and receive a lot of energy too and forth to this higher self of myself. I’ve noticed that the music the higher self is putting out there is similar to the way I live but with a lot of missing articles. I was born as a cusp aries/taurus and I am in touch with the stars and moon and at times feel as if they are either controlling me or sending me signals some of which I understand and some of which I search for answers within ones mind, I believe the mind is a powerful thing within my way of living and it has helped me survive these near death experience or someone is watching over me.

    A few months ago I was in the bar in our local town centre and the lads were playing table tennis as usual and I was sipping my bevy looking out the window of the bar when I thought I seen myself walk past the bar we was in but on the opposite side of the road wearing exactly the same pair of clothes I was wearing a few months before. The only thing was it was the evening we was at this bar and as I blinked and refreshed my memory I actually remember walking past the bar I was in in the daytime wearing exactly the same clothing and a distinctive pair of headphones hanging around my neck. I was in two minds wether to run out the pub to see or meet my other me or me from a few months ago when I was going through a rough patch in my life were I had previously lost my home and partner and was living in an hostel. My present day being I was in the bar with the lads but my life was different, I had now found a flat and was back on track with my life. Weird? I don’t even know what to say about that but with all these theories I am much more interested to learn more and believe that my higher self has been sending me thoughts or positive energy to my aura to help me gain the success I am looking for . I tell u my life has had a lot of crazy twists and turns and ups and downs to say that my mind is running around out there past, present and future and in a parallel dimension at the same time. For me it used to feel like a lot to take on as I am more aware of this state of life now.

    I am still looking for answers and advice and help to be analyzed as I believe this would help physicists discover more to what is.

  2. Girish

    Yes Yes… I agree and thanks for clarifying this answer in my mind.

    I know that I’ am living alternative realities, in the present moment. I know that there is this higher self of me who has achieved all the success and abundance living in an alternate dimension. I also believe that I’ am learning more and more from him to become the real and genuine me.

  3. ravenraven

    Quantam Physics makes perfect sense to me. I see our lives being almost like the layers of an onion
    When i was a child i remembered having various life times and i still catch glimpses now. I remember lives as a sailor,a muslim builder,a nurse, a monk,and fighting in various battles I think this explains our varied interests and beliefs on so many levels.

  4. Tammy

    It’s interesting that at the moment of my comment, there are 12 people who have checked that they like this article, as there is a general belief that our Higher Self fragments into 12 entities who are living these parallel realities. My eyes were opened to these parallel realities by Seth who was channeled by the late Jane Roberts. I have taken the time to pour over the Seth books for years, and in doing so have opened myself up to many experiences, highly unusual dreams, and actual communications with Seth at times.

    We often think our lifetimes are human lifetimes, however, one morning as I was waking up and before opening my eyes, I saw a strange, gritty surface very close to my eyes, almost magnified as if under a microscope! I was of course very puzzled, and was becoming more consciously awake with every breath, and then I realized that I was in a bird’s body, and was pecking at the asphalt street in front of my house! Upon this realization, I zoomed back into my own body at record speed! I was at that moment the human “me” sleeping in the house, and I was also a bird pecking at the asphalt in front of my house. This ‘lifetime’ was most likely a short and sweet one, perhaps to counteract the more demanding one I mentioned in this article.

    There was another ‘me’ that I became aware of in 1990. I was attending a class, and I drove straight there without stopping. Upon arriving, a participant excitedly came up to me, and said she saw me earlier that morning at a restaurant. I said, no, that wasn’t me, I didn’t stop there. She said, yes, you DID! I saw you, and I remember because I can see auras and you had the brightest aura I’ve ever seen! She insisted it was me. I knew my energy was at an all time high that morning, and felt she was right about my aura being very light-filled, but I was not the ‘me’ she saw in that restaurant at the same time I was driving!

    There have been many of these experiences in ‘my’ life, but which me are we talking about and in which dimension? And when we psychics are reading for callers…. we have the sometimes difficult job of discerning which you and in which reality! Certainly opens a proverbial can of worms, no?

    It’s very enlightening to look into past lives, parallel lives, and especially future lives! And it sometimes takes a very brave soul to ask these multi-dimensional questions in the first place, and then to try and grasp the sometimes complicated answers we receive. Those answers are often healing, informative, and give us some serious ‘ah-ha’ moments.

    ext. 9380

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  6. donna

    It is completely amazing. My past life/lives have been useful to me in many ways. Helping me heal on a soul level that I never knew. Some of the healing that has taken place, completely came out of the blue, very extrodinary experience, powerful life changing events and changing my view of the universe, life times, timelines, space, demention. This particular even hit me on every level, it is very different than the view we have currently with our human eyes, they are limiting. My past lives movies have been made about. When I have watch the movies, I sob, the first time I was inconsolible I did not know about this and my soon to be ex-husband thought I was crazy. Now that I know the fact this was a previous life it all makes sense, and I still have cellular memory and can physically feel the actions happen when the incident happens. It is intense, but amazing at the same time, and putting this all together has really torn my life apart in this life, believe me. But I am able to change my life and have a complete and whole new begining and teach my little girl how to avoid these pit falls.


  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500


    as a sidenote :
    I believe that the soul is made up of pure INTELLIGENT energy……as such, it has the ability to manifest here from the other side at will…….( I’m referring to loved ones crossed over who make the trip back over from the other side to come visit us or pass messages to us here on the physical plane in various forms ).

    So yes…..I do believe that the soul, being pure intelligent energy, can mainfest on to other planes of energy and worlds. Intelligent energy is capable of many amazing things…..

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Interesting theory, Krishna Bill……….I don’t know about parrallel worlds……but I am willing to believe it, because of a little bit different theory that I believe in………

    …there actually is a theory that, I personally believe in , the same soul can split/divide and live two lifetimes simultaneously…….this is a choice the soul makes before it incarnates to this present lifetime…the goal is to accumulate more Karma than usual in that normal time span.

    I believe the soul is capable of things we can’t even imagine or wrap our minds around ………yet.

    And I do believe in Quantum Physics…….

    Excellent article Tammy and Krishna Bill……( my kind of article actually )……( big smile).

    Please write and present …..very, very interesting…..

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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