Overcome Your Worst Fear

The single fear held by more people than any other is not a fear of snakes or spiders, of open or closed spaces, or of dentists or air travel. It’s not even the fear of dying.

For almost four decades, research polls investigating fears have revealed that the number one fear is… public speaking. People are more terrified of giving eulogies at funerals than of being the person eulogized!

Public speaking is so incredibly important in our lives. Whether giving a presentation at school or at work, or just trying to talk with a new potential romantic interest, being able to speak comfortably is a social must. And yet, for many people, the fear of public speaking can cause perspiration, forgetfulness, dry mouth, an upset stomach, and even vomiting.

Luckily, there is a surprisingly easy two-pronged approach to giving a public address. Becoming comfortable giving a prepared talk will result in greater comfort when speaking off the cuff or during intimate conversations with someone new.

Technique One: Preparation, But Not Over-Preparation

There are several reasons for fear of public speaking. They include fear of what people might think of you, fear of forgetting what you want to say, and fear of looking bad leading to humiliation. All of these can be fixed by remembering that preparation is good, over-preparation is not so good.

Start by figuring out what you want to present. Then, make an outline of it. If there are certain catch phrases you think are good, you could also write them down. You might write down your first sentence so you know exactly how you will begin. Do not, however, write down your entire talk. Learning how to read a written speech is a complex skill, and you don’t need to learn that on top of what you’re already doing! Instead, start with your first sentence and follow your outline. Practice it several times. It should never be the same word for word, you just want the concepts you present to remain the same. Try it fast. Do it slowly. Start in the middle. Do it quickly. Just practice it. Have fun!

By not having to remember an entire set of words, your natural speaking style will come out. You’ll be natural, won’t lose your place in a script, won’t forget anything, and will just look good.

Technique Two: Visualization

Some people will tell you to visualize your audience as naked. For many people that will cause increased nervousness. Some people encourage you to imagine yourself giving your talk in your head. While this can help in general, when it comes down to giving a specific speech, if you have visualized what it should be like and it doesn’t follow your plan, it can fluster you and make you even more nervous.

Here’s a better way.

Imagine that you are floating up above yourself. You can literally see yourself standing or sitting in a chair. In front of your image below is your future. Behind is your past. Just imagine yourself floating to the future until the time of your talk. See yourself giving that talk successfully and receiving applause. Doesn’t that feel wonderful?

Now allow yourself to float down and join with your imagined self at the conclusion of your successful talk. Feel what you feel. Hear what you hear. See what you see. Next, in your imagination, see the colors around you as brighter, the sounds as crisper, and the feelings even more delightful!

Turn around and look backwards from your future toward the present. Events may alter and change to fit into that successful future pattern. Everything leading to this time in the future will adjust, resulting in your speaking success, comfort, and fearlessness. Float back up and return to the present, then float down and rejoin with your self.

That’s it! These two techniques are all it will take to get rid of that fear and have everyone in awe of your speaking ability. Your success here will infiltrate everything you do, improving things at work, school, and with that “someone special.”

Donald Michael Kraig graduated from UCLA with a degree in philosophy, and has become a certified hypnotherapist and Master NLP practitioner. His book, Modern Magick, is the most popular step-by-step course in real magick ever published.

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