Mystical Uses of Tea

The soothing qualities of tea have made this centuries-old drink the second most popular beverage in the world – just behind water. In
recent years, numerous studies have also shown that the antioxidants in tea can help to reduce cardiovascular disease, prevent cancer, and
improve immunity. But tea is more than a wonder tonic: it can also aid in stress-relieving meditation – and psychic readings!

Cultivating your tea
Whether you’re a novice or a connoisseur, there is a tea for everyone. The best way to start your own tea collection is to be adventurous, and try out different types you may not have heard of. Search your neighborhood, and find out if there is a tea house or vendor near you – they tend to have the most varied collections of premium teas. If that’s not an option, take your search to your supermarket, where selections are expanding! As with yoga or meditation, the addition of tea to your routine is a great alternative method of relaxation – and an additional way to pamper yourself.

Reading tea leaves
A tea leaf reading, known as Tasseography, is an age-old practice of divination by which a person’s future is foretold – based on gazing at and interpreting the shapes formed by used tea leaves. While the process varies from culture to culture and from person to person, the first step is to put a pinch of tea leaves into a cup and pour boiling water over them. After steeping and drinking the tea (leave just a little bit of liquid), swirl the cup three times from left to right. Then turn the cup upside down over the saucer, allowing the water to drain.

When you then gaze into the cup, you’ll notice that the leaves clinging to the sides form different shapes. Where they land in the cup determines when the events they represent will happen – with the rim being the present, and the sides being the near future. The bottom of the cup is the distant future. The shapes you see and their placement make up your reading. Some of the most common symbols are listed below:

An acorn means prosperity or good health.
Birds mean good news or a journey.
A cat signals deception or a false friend.
A chain symbolizes an engagement or wedding.
A crescent moon means prosperity or good fortune.
An eye means caution.
A fish signals good fortune.
A forked line means there is a decision to be made.
A heart represents pleasures and love.
A knife symbolizes a broken friendship.
A straight line means progress, whereas a wavy line signals an uncertain path.
A snake can mean either an enemy or wisdom.
A spider is a reward for work.
A tower symbolizes disappointment.
Wings represent messages.

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Create your own tea ceremony!
Whether you enjoy British high tea or a Japanese tea ceremony, participating in a tea ritual is a great stress reliever. But don’t feel bound to carry on the traditions of yesteryear: make up your own ceremony. Choose a tea set that speaks to you – something that bears a design, or a striking color that appeals to you. Next, find your own spot of serenity: maybe at the kitchen table five minutes before work, or on a lazy Sunday afternoon in your patio area. Make the space as inviting as possible. Bring a book or a magazine – or listen to alluring music and go into a meditative state. When you’ve finished your tea, be mindful of your current feelings and surroundings, and then follow the steps above to do your own tea reading. What does your interpretation say about you and your current state of mind? Record your feelings and observations in a journal – maybe over time your feelings will change, or you’ll learn that you are your own best psychic!

Relax with tea
If reading your future or a personalized ceremony doesn’t quite cut it for you, there are many other uses of tea as a tool for relaxation. Take your used tea leaves (or bag) and wrap them in either a cloth or a paper towel. Warm them with hot water, and then place them over your eyes for a tea spa treatment. It works like aromatherapy, and is a great stress reliever for your eyes! If you’re partial to spiking your coffee, you can do that with tea also – and, no, we’re not talking about a Long Island Iced Tea. Make a green tea margarita, or take your favorite herbal blend and make a martini out of it. You can find recipes on the Internet or at your local tea shop or bookstore.

Tea is an ancient drink known for simplicity, purity, and versatility. Whether you want to know your future, are looking for a way to chill out, or want to be healthy, take a tip from the ancients – drink tea. We think they were on to something.

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