Mudras, Mantras and Meditation

The Building Blocks of Spiritual Practice

Very often, I suggest that my callers meditate (creating transformation) to relieve stress. Meditation is also a form of prayer where you can use a mantra (a sound or word) to focus on that allows your mind to clear out the old, making room for fresh new thoughts. Meditation also opens up the mind to be able to use more of it. This has the bonus of bringing thinking that is more mindful and also a way to clear out old karma. While we meditate, we can pray as well, within the essence of meditation.

Karma is like this: say we have a bucket of water that has been sitting outside all winter and it has become dirty with leaves and bugs and soil. When you add a hose to this and turn on the water, the clear water displaces the dirty water and clears out the leaves, bugs and soil. Therefore, the water is representative of a mantra. In addition, the bucket of dirty water is representative of our life condition over time. The water is the new karma; the dirty water is the old karma.

Just like we shower every day to clean our body, meditation is a shower for our spiritual self. During meditation, we experience a cycle that goes like this:

Outward stroke (nature of the body to evolve) Inward stroke (nature of the mind to evolve) breathing in and out.

Mantra – refined mental activity (mantra changes) – refined physical activity (breath and heart slower) – deep rest (hypo-metabolic state) – increase physical activity – increase mental activity – thoughts – and mantra.

A good amount of time is twenty minutes a day, although even five minutes a day of meditation gives us a longer life span.

Mudras are positions for the hands. Here are a few that are easy to do while meditating.

• Thumb touches tip of index finger: Makes one calmer and improves concentration.

• Thumb touches tip of middle finger: Fosters patience.

• Thumb touches tip of ring finger: Energy, stability and self-confidence.

• Thumb touches tip of pinky finger: Intuition and feeling.

• The positions of the hands will help you to focus while meditating.

So many people say they have no time to meditate but the fact is that if you meditate, you can actually add years on to your life.

Sit in a comfortable position for you, a comfortable chair is fine, you do not have to cross your legs into a lotus position or twist up into a pretzel, comfort is most important, so that you can meditate longer and more effectively. Candles and incense are nice if you please, a quiet location is also an asset, but if you have kids with the TV on or there are people in the house doing things truth is you can sit right in the middle of the chaos and meditate. It does block out the noise when you are into it. Another thing that I have learned is that if you lie down and meditate it helps to fall asleep.

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    I LOVE YOU QUINN !!! Still taking care of us giving information n ideas .God bless you

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  2. Hunter X5507

    I LOVE this article!!! Very excellent advice for a meditator of any discipline. The mudras replenish, revive and bring balance. This is how we live in our house and we love it!

    Thank you for bringing attention to this!!! Love love love!


    Hunter X5507


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