Make Valentine’s Day About You

Valentine’s Day isn’t just meant to be for couples. Singles can make Valentine’s Day about them by treating themselves right when they don’t have anyone else to help.

Valentines’ Schmalentines

It is upon us again, the “day of the lovers.” If you are married and in a relationship, you’ll tend to look forward to it; well, unless your other half forgets about it altogether. However, being single on Valentine’s Day just seems to be a major issue for most; and for the life of me, I don’t get why.

Let’s start with the obvious. The obligatory bunch of flowers and box of chocolate hardly tells you if someone loves you. Yes, I believe it is the thought that counts and as such, I am disappointed when I am forgotten, but then, that depends on how busy my husband is and what he’s going through. There are times when one simply doesn’t have the time to think about a holiday made up by some marketing person.

So what do you do when Valentine’s Day is upon you and you’re single? I’d say, be your own Valentine! Yep, go and buy yourself some flowers, buy yourself whatever chocolate, cookies or other finery you want and then take yourself out on a date. The date could be going to the movies, going to a nice restaurant, or even staying at home with a good movie and a nice bottle of wine. The possibilities are endless. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

Unfortunately, most singles won’t be able to do that. It seems that Valentine’s Day just brings out a feeling of being unworthy, for you are the Muppet sitting around alone, while the rest of the world is having fun. So my advice is simple; get your head out of your butt and stop feeling sorry for yourself!

The thing that you should remember is that being single is a choice. The clichés apply; if you can’t love yourself, you cannot find love from others. Unless you are desperate enough to be with just anyone, in which case, ignore what I just said. But most of us want to be with someone who loves us, the same way we love ourselves! And what better day to start loving yourself than on Valentine’s Day!

“We teach people how to treat us.” – Psychic Shyla ext. 5431

It’s time to throw off the blues, time to move on and find the happiness you deserve. This is the year to take action and responsibility for your own life. This is the year where you won’t sit on your butt, doing nothing, while whining about the stuff you do not have. This is the year where Valentine’s Day won’t be another Schmalentine’s Day, with you sitting at home, downing a bottle of wine, while bawling to a sad movie. This is the year to get out of your funk and take charge!

So, put on something nice. Get dolled up and take yourself out on the most fabulous date ever. Hold your head up high, go into that restaurant (after all, “two” could count for you and the voice in your head) and order whatever you feel like having. Make Valentine’s Day about you and not about someone else who isn’t around. You deserve the world, and you won’t be defined by merely choosing not to be in a relationship right now. Cheers and bottoms up!

“Be gentle with yourself and become your own hero!” – Psychic Jesse ext. 9027

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19 thoughts on “Make Valentine’s Day About You

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  2. Karen

    I agree. We should always be our own best love. Sometimes I feel people just get into relationships for relationship sake, not because they truly unconditionally love their partner. It is sad to see so many couples out on ‘date night’, V-day, anywhere and then that whole PDA thing, well, its a tough pill to swallow when your heart has been torn in two and on the mend for what seems like forever.
    I will say this, for all you single peops out there, what better night/day than Valentines Day to get all dressed up, call all your single pals and hit the night clubs, coffee shops, etc. etc. because anyone you may see out with pals on V-day or out alone on V-day is going to be 9 times out of 10- SINGLE. So go out and meet those available possibles on that one day that usually sends all of us ‘sad saps’ into depression.
    Just a thought!
    Peace and Love to all and to all a Happy Day Everyday!!!

  3. Alma

    This is a very good and uplifting article and I totally agree with every you wrote. However I will say that it’s very hard to want to get up and take yourself out when the person you love just broke up with you and you were the one at fault for the break up and you are still grieving.

  4. Rose O.

    Thank you so much for your articule. You are very right we do
    have to do these things. Valentines is also about love with your family and your friends. But, sometimes it just gets fustrating people
    getting flowers etc. and not you. You can’t help and get emotional about it.

  5. Diane Parrett

    I have never responded to one of these newsletters before, and for the most part truly enjoy the insights and support I find on here…but this one takes the cake. Carmen’s, and
    the other articles on here, seem to think that “WE” are making too much of this one day. Well…since you are married…excuse me…the only one who has their “head up their butt” is you. I have seldom seem such insensitivity expressed on here. I was married too..twice…and was abandoned after almost 12 years the second time. I have since tried every dating site and met so many men I lost track. Men my own age want women 15 years younger than they are, most are losers, liars and jerks. But then again…what would you know…you are in that protected marriage bubble and are not out there single and alone. Perhaps this article should be written by someone who truly KNOWS what it’s like to have this day approach and be forced to have your past relationships thrown in your face , dredge up painful memories of days when you were part of a couple and had someone in your life. Relationships can change in the blink of an eye…one day he loves you…the next he’s gone. You people above all should know that. We single women out here do not have our heads up our butts…and we are not whining about this one day…it just brings up the pain of the past and you should counsel enough people that you know this. I have been single for almost 12 years and every year I do exactly what you suggest. I book a night at a nice hotel, go out and look in my favorite shops and get myself a little something nice, get myself some flowers and have a nice day…but..underlying it all is still the ache of what was. A loving, caring relationship is what we all strive for…answers such as these just undermine those of us who are single and serve to enforce the idea that society really has no idea what it’s like to have to send yourself flowers, or see your co-workers get arrangements from there spouses or boyfriends. If you can’t relate, or truly empathize…..keep your MARRIED opinions to yourself.

  6. Marie

    Hi, I’m single, and I buy myself something unique each year. One year I bought a real rose that was dipped in Laquer, and gold, and a crystal vase to place it in. Last year I bought a painting that was suppose to have been a Santuary. So not knowing exactly what the painting was. I passed by the art gallery on Valentines Day, and had to buy it, to remind myself my home is my Santuary. The next day I ran into the painter, who told me the paintings name is, “The 14 Saints Cathedral”, in Germany. What’s also awesome to hear is the Cathedral withstood the destruction of WWII. Everytime I look at what I buy myself, I smile because there was a purpose in the certain gift I chose.

  7. raymonde

    loved this article about valentine’s day. all singles should be their own valentine and do something good for themselves. you never know who you might meet while out on your own date. cupid can work is never done.

  8. Najmah

    Stunning advice!!!!….all I can say….I’m single & completely earned the right to be at peace within & my surrounding….at last I can say I’m comfortable of what I chose to become & appreciate me for just being;! I know that’s exactly what Im gonna do……what about the rest of the singles???
    I absolutely lovvvveee this adult matured enlightning informative site!!!
    Thank you all @ California Physics….u guys rock!!

  9. Julie

    Love this article!! Myself & my other single girlfriends normally send each other a text message in the morning to wish each other a “Happy Hallmark Day”, as to most of us it’s just such a commercialised day now. But we do get together in the evening, go for a bite to eat & catchup on the gossip. But we never forget to tell each other at the end of the day how much we love each other. Guys can come & go but friends will always be there for each other.


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