Love: The Strongest Force in the Universe

I’m an idealist. I have always believed that there is no a single power on this planet that is stronger than love. Looking at my life made me realize that love had the most profound impact on me. Being loved by someone else helped me do things I never thought possible. Having had the love of my “chosen sisters” has allowed me to face my most daunting challenges, my biggest demons, my own short-comings and insecurities and the things I hated most about myself. Watching those I admire, male and female, has taught me a great deal about the person I am, the person I was and the one I aspire to be. Not wanting to disappoint those who have loved and supported me has inspired me like nothing else.

I still remember the day in March of last year when I woke up with an incredible sense of euphoria. It had dawned on me this very morning how loved I was. I never had large crowds and cliques around me, but the handful of people who love me do so with all their heart. It was in this very moment that I decided that I did not need to be sad about being single anymore, because I had so much love around me already. It was in this moment that I started loving myself, for how could these amazing people love me, if I was as worthless and unlovable as I thought I was? Three days later I met my husband Andrew, and now my “love bag” is full.

I still tend to assume that people will neither be loyal nor trustworthy. But then I look at my “circle of love,” and I realize that this is not true. My husband and best friends love me unconditionally, and because of that see my intent versus my delivery. They value my views and opinions as I value theirs. It is this kind of love, dedication and truth that has made me the person that I am. To be loved by people who are special and extraordinary makes me strive to be extraordinary, and which brings out the best in me. I feel I have to be my best, so that I continuously earn such perfect love and trust.

They say love can move mountains. Well, I find that love transmutes, changes and alters everything and everyone – even stubborn, rigid and slightly bitter Virgos. I have the deepest gratitude for all my friends who stuck with me, even though I AM such a complicated person. Love is about healing the broken pieces, and delivers the peace of mind and heart I always wished for.

10 thoughts on “Love: The Strongest Force in the Universe

  1. Carmen Hexe

    Hugs are always welcome 😀

    Saying “no” is hard to do, because I equate it with being non-loving or supportive. However, I learned that it is the opposite. Sometimes saying “no” and kicking a person out of one’s life can be the most loving thing one does. Sometimes one just has to stop to enable another and realize that there will be others who are willing to take your space and give them what they need.

  2. Abigailx9570

    You are such a delight and when I do get to meet you in person I’m giving you a big hug! Just warning you … Think of it if hate can devaste take lives, load a gun, destroy families, friendships and relationships then LOVE can kick %^& Love Love love to you …..

    Many Blessings

  3. Jacqueline x9472

    Hi Carmen you are so cute and no definetly not a bad witch….

    What a profound statement…the word NO! this is something I know for myself could use that lesson, its simply NO, I could not agree with you more, when you draw those lines in the sand friendships will fall away, but you are right that space will be filled with the true long lasting friends who only have the highest integrity for us.

    The hardest thing is just learning to love our-self enough to say NO!!!!

    Love chatting with you!

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  4. Carmen Hexe

    Oh dear Jacqueline! You are my hero, because honestly, I still haven’t managed to send all the douche bags from my past love, haha. Thankfully, there weren’t too many true douche bags in my life, but I tell ya this, to say it in a funny way, they are lucky I am not a “bad witch!” hahaha

    I learned that some will never learn to love themselves. Hence, it is utterly useless to send them, or give them any love. It is like pouring into a bucket without a bottom. Loving oneself is the greatest love one can ever feel. By loving myself I changed my energy and aura, and therefore attracted others who
    a) can give love and
    b) accept love

    My whole life has been changed since then. Trust me, it was painful because besides bad relationships, I also lost some very good friends, who I thought I would always have in my life. But once I loved, honored and respected myself, I learned to say “no.” I learned that the universe leaves no open spaces!

    So for all the single, miserable people out there: If the space for your true love and highest purpose is occupied with toxic people, those who do not serve your higher purpose, those who can neither honor, nor respect or love you, there is no room for the universe to actually manifest the person you are supposed to be with. Have faith! There is no empty space in the universe. So if you kick out those who no longer serve you, you will find that those spaces will be occupied by those who do.

    Love thyself!

  5. Jacqueline x9472

    Hi Carmen,

    While I ended my last relationship I knew that in order to change attracting the same men over and over again I had to look at myself and learn the lesson, that was to be learned.

    Once I accomplished that hurdle, I then needed to change my thought in regards to those men, so…..I started sending them cyber love, every-time they poped in my head I sent them love within months my view point of them changed I had nothing but love to send them as well as sending them best wishes.

    At that point I was allowed to move on and met a fabulous guy and have been together ever since.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  6. maryannex9146Maryanne Ext. 9146


    OK-I’m hooked on your articles, too. They are wonderful and perfectly on point.

    Your mentioning meeting your husband three days after you started loving yourself…….yes, yes, yes. I hope a great many of our clients read that portion of this article.

    Also loved your phrase about “…intent, not delivery” as one who suffers from that affliction as well, as do so many of our clients.

    Thanks again,


    Ext. 9146

  7. Carmen Hexe

    I have used the “pay-it-forward” rule for years now. For example, when I would do a service outside of o my corporate job for a person, instead of accepting money, I’d ask them to pay it forward.

    One can look at all the bad things, all the negative things that surround us and we can despair. Or we can look at all the beauty, all the great things, the few who try to make a difference, the small miracles and well, our own light. When we allow our light to shine, we tend to melt away whatever dark may be left inside of us and others 🙂

  8. misskrystalmisskrystal

    Hi Carmen-
    Once I started to be grateful for what I do have, it was like an instant “healer” for my soul.
    I so enjoyed this lovely article. Great thing to wake up with…Thanks.
    miss krystal

  9. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Carmen,

    Yes…… as a Virgo myself I know where you are coming from…..but you know when I see & read so many ” pay-it-forward ” type stories…it gives me hope.
    And yes…. I’m thankful everyday for my family and true friends. ( and my 4-legged friends ..LOL)

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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