Your Life To-Do List

Make Every Year Memorable!

Do something new and exciting every year that will make it stand out in your memory. Here is a quirky list of ideas to get you started:

Age 18 – Vote.
Age 19 – Race a car.
Age 20 – Get a drastic haircut.
Age 21 – Drink. A lot.
Age 22 – Give or get a lap dance.

Age 23 – Wax everything.
Age 24 – Get a tattoo.
Age 25 – Try something new, sexually.
Age 26 – Make a website about yourself.
Age 27 – Try Internet dating.
Age 28 – Attend your high school reunion.
Age 29 – Rescue a pet.
Age 30 – Vacation by yourself.
Age 31 – Buy a brand new car.
Age 32 – Invest in stocks.

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Age 33 – Travel internationally.
Age 34 – Pick a charity and donate every year.
Age 35 – Call a psychic.
Age 36 – Try a new sport, hobby, or skill.
Age 37 – Turn off your phone and don’t use the Internet for a week.
Age 38 – Write a book and self-publish it.
Age 39 – Make a bucket list.
Age 40 – Make or update your will and trust.

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Age 41 – Go to a nude spa, beach, or resort.
Age 42 – Stop renting. Buy a home.
Age 43 – Score front row tickets to your favorite band’s upcoming concert.
Age 44 – Go skydiving, bungee jumping or some other death-defying adventure.
Age 45 – Buy an expensive purse or wallet.
Age 46 – Get a colonic.
Age 47 – Perform a karaoke duet.
Age 48 – Paint a room in your home a bright, outrageous color.
Age 49 – Bake a pie from scratch. Yes, even the crust.
Age 50 – Run a marathon.
Age 51 – Plant a garden and grow your own vegetables.
Age 52 – Quit a bad habit, once and for all. Replace it with a good habit.
Age 53 – Buy a safe and/or a safety deposit box.
Age 54 – Hire a maid.
Age 55 – Plan your retirement.
Age 56 – Drive across country.
Age 57 – Call 10 old friends.
Age 58 – Visit your childhood home.
Age 59 – Write your name in wet cement.
Age 60 – Make a scrapbook or slideshow of the highlights of your life.
Age 61 – Go to an outdoor shooting range.
Age 62 – Buy orthotics for your shoes.
Age 63 – Make a professional, 12-month calendar of family photos.
Age 64 – Get plastic surgery. Fix something you are not happy with.
Age 65 – Go to a fancy sushi restaurant and order the blowfish.
Age 66 – Get a personal trainer.
Age 67 – Spend tine with your grand kids.
Age 68 – Join a pen pal program.
Age 69 – Learn to play Mahjong.
Age 70 – Join a themed book club.
Age 71 – Watch the “100 Movies You Must See before You Die.”
Age 72 – Buy an expensive mattress.
Age 73 – Invent a new recipe or drink and name it after yourself.
Age 74 – Go to an amusement park with your grand kids.
Age 75 – Have a yard sale and sell every item for $1.
Age 76 – Get a bird feeder.
Age 77 – Volunteer your time at a local school or church.
Age 78 – Take an aqua aerobics class.
Age 79 – Tell people how much you love them and what you love about them.
Age 80 – Make a video diary of memorable events to share with future generations.
Age 81 – Write a list of life lessons you’ve learned.
Age 82 – Let go of any residual anger, jealousy, resentment and regret.
Age 83 – Master a board game like chess or scrabble.
Age 84 – Visit your local library or bookstore frequently.
Age 85 – Make homemade gifts for Christmas this year.
Age 86 – Drink Kombucha.
Age 87 – Take a multivitamin every day.
Age 88 – Write down all your passwords.
Age 89 – Go to a casino and blow $500.
Age 90 – Go to a bar! Make sure they announce that it is your 90th birthday!
Age 91 – Get a full physical.
Age 92 – Give something special to each of your children and grand kids.
Age 93 – Meditate.
Age 94 – Memorize at least 10 good jokes to tell visitors.
Age 95 – Compliment everyone you meet.
Age 96 – Flirt with most people you meet.
Age 97 – Draw, paint, or sculpt something from a recent dream.
Age 98 – Arrange a photo with your whole extended family.
Age 99 – Have a huge party. Get yourself on the news for reaching this point.
Age 100 – Experience Nirvana.

Have fun trying any or all of these activities in any order you wish. You can do one a year or one a week depending on your desire. Ask a psychic what items on the list you should definitely pursue for your personal growth and experience.

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4 thoughts on “Your Life To-Do List

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Well, I’m WAY past giving a lap dance, although they might throw money at me to make me go away if I tried to give one…..LOL LOL

    But it’s not TOO late to drink . alot.

    LOL LOL….only kidding, couldn’t resist.

    Nice list.

  2. Nora


    After reading your article, I realize I am waaaay behind! May I suggest “call a psychic” at the half way point of your birthday each year, like at age 40 and six months, get a another psychic reading!


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