Life Lessons and Soul Growth

Life Lessons and Soul Growth

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone and Learn

If you feel dissatisfied, frustrated and unhappy at this particular point in your life, it means it’s time to step outside your comfort zone into something larger and more appropriate. You are ready for the next step.

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Students at the Earth School

This is the earth school, and each of us are participants in its great classroom. We are here to accumulate more soul-wisdom in order to live our best lives. As your psychic, I am here to help. It is my job to hold up the light of clarity. If you are frustrated by life’s challenges, know that no situation happens by accident. You are experiencing what you are experiencing as the result of divine appointment.

Life Lessons

There is an inner reason and an outer reason for why things happen. Life lessons happen to the best and worst of us. If you look at your life as a whole, there is a pattern, a constant thread of people and events that tend to reoccur, bringing the same set of conditions or circumstances every time they show up. These situations show you the areas of life where there is room for growth.

Your Teachers

Some life lessons take a lifetime to learn. Others take a year, a month, a day, or a moment. The people who stay in your life the longest, often throughout your life, teach you your life lessons. Those who come in and remain for a shorter duration teach you various things about life and soul growth—all of which are important to the whole of who you are.

You Play a Role

When things happen, ask yourself in what way did you participate. You may have participated by turning away and doing nothing. Lack of action when action is required has its own set of consequences. None of us are above the outworking of these higher laws and if the soul lesson is not learned one way, it will be learned another. This is the earth school and the greatest most constant lesson of all is the lesson of self-love leading to happiness, peace of mind, compassion, self-respect, and spiritual connectedness.

Growth Happens

Growth is always happening and growth occurs on different levels in different ways. When a situation becomes ongoing, these repetitions are your soul trying to get your attention. A main issue is self-honesty. To have the strength to really look and address an issue when opposition from the other end is looming becomes huge. It can be as much about what isn’t happening as what is.

The Mirror

That mirror you hold up for others can be difficult to turn around and look into yourself. Few people like what they see. That’s because on a deep soul level, you know why the situation is there. But the longer these issues remain, the greater the accumulated insight is there just waiting to be discovered.

When your light is shining, others see it and your light attracts others shining that same light. Remember, what you are looking for is also looking for you. Step out of fear and into living your best life.

6 thoughts on “Life Lessons and Soul Growth

  1. Richard

    I am great adventures to be great hero for my heart life and I love woman to my spirit is just like
    dream for people love my heart to save life dream for people to the Earth Peaceful for good life.
    I be hero to my heart for beautiful woman and I want to stop fighting wars for god make happy
    love family for world in the Earth. I don’t want wars for heart spirit to my life for good spirit.
    I love you people for my life is you are life people for good spirit. I love you people from my heart.
    I want new job for good life. THANK YOU FOR HELP ME LIFE SPIRIT…………
    by Richard. Pratt.


    What a terrific road map to start the year off on the right foot.
    I liked the metaphor of the mirror, what I’m looking for, is looking for me
    Also. Your insight is rare, self-honesty is the key. Thank you, FIONA


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