Do You Know When to Speak Up and When to Shut Up?

Speak Up or Shut Up?

The Proper Time and Place to Speak Up or Shut Up

While the old saying, “The truth shall set you free,” is often true, there’s also weight in the idea that “Silence is golden.” Indeed, there’s a time and place for applying both axioms, but the trick is knowing which to implore when. If you’re faced with a difficult situation at work, at home or in a friendship or love relationship, it’s important to know when to speak your mind and when to keep your thoughts to yourself. Here are a few guidelines:

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Speak Up: When it Affects Life, Death or Well-Being

When it comes to your life, your well-being or the life and well-being of someone you love, you most definitely should speak up. A lot of people have trouble speaking up in the presence of authority figures (doctors, lawyers, teachers, police, etc.), but you can question them and still be respectful. It’s okay, especially if you think they’re mistaken. Everyone is human and makes mistakes, but if the mistake could cost you your life or heath, you need to speak up. If your gut is telling you something’s wrong, go with it! You owe it to yourself or your loved one to speak up. If you don’t find the words to express yourself, you may live to regret it.

Speak Up: When You Feel Uncomfortable

You know that feeling you get when something is off? It’s also the feeling you get when you agree to something against your better judgement. If something makes you feel uncomfortable, you need to speak up! If you don’t, you’re going against your gut instinct and not acting in your highest good. Your self-esteem will also suffer as a result and you’ll start to feel insecure and second-guess yourself. Remember, you can speak up if you’re uncomfortable without being rude. It’s not about being stubborn or difficult. Rather, it’s about setting boundaries. If you don’t, someone will continue to cross them!

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Speak Up: When You Have a Question

Admitting you don’t know something can be embarrassing, especially when it’s something you “should” know. This fear of embarrassment often causes us to remain silent instead of asking for clarification or details. Unfortunately, this means we never learn what we “should” have known in the first place. The bottom line is that asking questions is never stupid. However, it’s foolish to keep your mouth shut for fear of looking stupid.

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Shut Up: When You’re Highly Emotional

Emotions make us say and do things we don’t mean. In a highly charged situation, like during a fight with your partner, you may want to say something to anger or shock the other person. But if you’re highly emotional, what you say may not be coherent or it may not reflect how you really feel. You’re just sharing a jumble of feelings that don’t make sense when you’re highly emotional. It’s better to take the time to collect your thoughts rather than speak up in the (heated) moment. Once words are spoken, they can never be taken back—even if you didn’t mean them. Save a difficult conversation for after you’ve cooled down. It could save your relationship!

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9 thoughts on “Do You Know When to Speak Up and When to Shut Up?

  1. Seren ext. 5445Psychic Seren, Ext 5445

    Another old adage worth keeping in mind, especially in the heat of the moment, is to “count to 10 before speaking.”

    This not only gives us a moment to consider what we really wish to communicate, but it also allows us time to gauge what someone else is actually saying. Many times, when we are upset or in a highly charged emotional state, we do not “hear” authentically and we react to what we think the person meant or said.

    Brightest Blessings,
    Seren, Ext 5445

  2. maria

    sometimes i say nasty words that i regreat later and the reason why ? because sometimes when angry , don’t know how shut up s0 today i ll remember this thanks oxox


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